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  Dieselboy The 6ixth Session
by Sterling McGarvey

Tear. Rip. Shred. Maul. These are the words that come to mind when careening through the grim masterpiece that is Dieselboy's "The 6ixth Session." Ladies and gentlemen, we have, submitted for your approval, a CD that needs a parental advisory warning. Not for explicit content, but for the fact that this CD will ultimately be part of at least one boxer's workout music before he beats the unholiness out of his unsuspecting opponent. Hmmm...maybe we know what kind of tunes they feed Lennox Lewis through his headphones during workouts, eh? It will be one of those albums that you will listen to when you're pissed, and it will do anything but calm you down. I mean, Dieselboy himself told me, "Yeah, it's a pretty dark mix." I think he was being facetious. This album is the soundtrack to an ass-whipping. I think I've actually flipped out on people who've interrupted me on the street when I'm bumping this disc. I can't, in good faith, recommend that you play this CD in the presence of parents, grandparents, young children, and those with heart ailments or recent illness. But all of that aside, is this a good CD? Well, let's put it this way: It was coming to be high time to replace my old pair of headphones, and this album did not contribute to the well-being and longevity of my trusty Panasonics.

About the only breather the listener gets is the semi-ambient intro. From there, Konflict's soon-to-be classic scorcher "Messiah" cranks up. In your car blasting it, or on the train with a pair of headphones, it won't matter. Your hand will impulsively form that "claw" that one gets when hearing some flat-out sphincter-ripping drum n' bass. Expect stares from any souls unlucky enough to be sitting in the car or seat next to you. Your Onyx-like mean mugging and incessant head banging will likely not help your cause, either. In fact, your hand will likely cramp up, but it won't matter: The damage has been done.

Once one of 2000's most popular jimmies bleeds (or is that "spurts?") into Tech Itch's "Heavy Metal." Amen insanity is the best way to describe the sound. If I've heard a faster amen break, oh, nevermind. Nobody ever mixes amens this fast on a mix CD. Signal to Noises, "Nanobugs" utilizes an EKG over a beat that's in a velocity of its own. By 2:29, when the flatline occurs, you're likely damn near cheering. Which also will incite stares from passers by. Then again, "Bios-Fear" will likely do the same. The fact that the next track is called "Homicide" is rather appropriate. The aggression level is high enough on this track to make a Benedictine monk get excited. All I can say is, the next time someone makes fun of electronic music and calls it any sort of derogatory term implying that it is effete and weak, play this disc. This here's fighting tunes.

Between tracks from Usual Suspects, )E|3( (yes, in spite of the fact that yours truly is not the biggest BC Recordings fan), Tech Itch and Left Coast remixes of Diesel's own tracks by E-Sassin and the Phunckateck collective, the emphasis on the words "dark," "hard," and "fast" cannot be overstated. For me, though, the gem of the disc is "Eclipse" by Loxy + Dylan, which stops the hard rolling breakbeats midway through for a throwback to the granddaddy of hard, fast tunes: Hardcore techno. While walking home with "Eclipse" playing in my headphones, I heard the Hardcore intermission and shouted "Yessssss!" while giving it the head nod of approval, which got me tons of dirty looks from people around me. Wild and crazy all around, this is not the album you play at a wedding reception, when you're hungover from an evening of excess, your friend's little cousin's bar mitzvah, or the Spelman Class of '55 reunion. It is, however, superb music for getting up in the morning, exercising, and letting off steam. If your music collection is a bit anemic in regards to sharp, slicing, harsh drum n' bass, then add "The 6ixth Session" to your collection. It should pep you right up.


6ixth Session cover art The 6ixth Session
Compiled and mixed by Dieselboy
Record Label:
Palm Pictures
Track Listing:
Disc 1:

  1. Initialize
  2. The Messiah
  3. Heavy Metal
  4. Nanobugs
  5. Bios-Fear
  6. Homicide
  7. Shrapnel (Stakka + Skynet Remix)
  8. Firewire
  9. Toxin
  10. Invid (E-Sassin VIP)
  11. The Descent (Phunckateck VIP)
  12. Pusher
  13. Eclipse
  14. Plimsoul VIP
  15. Space Age Remix
  16. Dominion
  17. Solarize

Disc 2:

  1. Invid
  2. Render
  3. The Descent
  4. Invid (E-Sassin VIP)
  5. The Descent (Phunckateck VIP)

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