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  Bump 6.2.99
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: Fusion - Atlanta, GA

Shannon PetrickI consider myself somewhat of a trance fiend. I live, breathe, and spin it. But when my friend told me to come to Bump at Fusion to see Bill Hamel, I thought, "Bill Who?" After thinking about it for a moment, I vaguely remembered hearing his name at some point but that was it. I trust this friend's taste in music so I decided to go.

When I arrived, the parking lot to Fusion was almost empty. I began to worry that maybe this Bill Hamel guy really sucked...that's why no one was there. Then I remembered how my friends and I were amazed that it wasn't really crowded for Paul Van Dyk either.

Bill HamelMy friend and I went inside and waited an hour and a half before Hamel came on (we came WAY too early). I began to get paranoid that maybe this guy wasn't worth waiting for and that he wouldn't play the sort of music I liked. But all that changed when he came on.

I must inform everyone that Bill Hamel is a god. HE convinced me of this when I met him. My friend introduced us and he has to be the nicest DJ I've ever met. He was all about me taking pictures of him and inviting me up to the DJ booth. When he began to spin, he blew my mind away even more. When he set the needle down on that first record it was like the whole atmosphere in the club changed. Everyone was in such a frenzy to take in as much of his music as they could. Even the vibe changed. You could feel it. I think Bill Hamel's amazing DJ skills are karma for being such a beautiful person. And what made it even better is that it wasn't crowded so everyone could go insane.

Bill Hamel's spinning made that night unforgettable.

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