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  Britney Spears 9.18.00
by Lydia Shih

Venue: Lakewood Ampitheatre - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Billboard Dance Music Summit

Lydia ShihThe main problem in idolizing today's teen pop culture is that your heroes are half a decade younger than you. Therefore, a night out to see your favorite superstar will inevitably result in the wierd feeling that you have been zapped into a bad episode of Adventures in Babysitting.

The average age of Britney concert-goers was running between 3 and 5, not even the expected 12-14. The baby girls were dressed in "pleather" from head to toe, had posters with more pics of Brit than I have ever seen in my life, and had decorated mom's Cherokee with banners saying, "HONK if you love Britney!" When my friends and I arrived at the gates, the parents and kids stared at our backless tops, leather boots, tight-ass pants and mini-skirts and looked at us like, "What the hell? Where are your kids?!"

But alas, all the bad thoughts of actually giving up my teeny-bopperdom were overriden when the pop princess took the stage. Britney had all the dance moves goin' on...she was rising up out of smoke and flames, and getting the audience to "make some noise." What a crowd pleaser! She had a different outfit and special sets for every song and here's the coolest part of her outfits: they were more than meets the eye — they consisted of one concealed tight-ass midriff and one normal fitting shirt. By the middle of each song, she would rip off her top shirt and strut around stage with the matching barely-there midriff. Now I'm sure you are all aware of why I love Britney!

I was in Britney wonderland 'til 1 am last night, so this morning I was too tired to be aware of anything. My co-workers pointed out to me that there is still a heart-shaped Powerpuff Girls tattoo on my chest.

Oops, I did it again.


Oops!...I Did It Again cover art Oops!...I Did It Again
Britney Spears
Record Label:
Track Listing:

  1. Oops!...I Did It Again
  2. Stronger
  3. Don't Go Knockin' On My Door
  4. Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
  5. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
  6. What U See (Is What U Get)
  7. Lucky
  8. One Kiss From You
  9. Where Are You Now
  10. Can't Make You Love Me
  11. When Your Eyes Say It
  12. Dear Diary

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