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  Blueprint feat. Steve Porter 12.11.2003
Venue: Crescent Room

Who says you cannot Do-It-Yourself? Individually and jointly, Damon Fonooni and Brett Abramson have put Atlanta on the map through their DJ gigs, their productions and through their label, Blueprint. Their second track, "Rhetorical Question" served as the launch release and has been signed to an upcoming Renaissance compilation. A monthly event of the same name, Blueprint, has also showcased some great guest talents like Sean Cusick, Ali Ajami and Chris Micali, as well as a strong cast of supporting locals.

It's been a busy year for the guys. So the December date with Steve Porter actually re-scheduled a few times but took place on December 11th, finally. The move to Thursday night for a regularly weekend event had some impact on the crowd, but Damon, Brett and Steve did not hold back and for those in attendance, they were treated to great mixing, track selection with lots of new, original and un-released material, and all in the most intimate of settings.

Happy Holidays!


Steve Porter



Brett Abramson(DJ Numinous)


Damon Fonooni(Habersham)





Blueprint Massive







Darbi Abramson









Chris Fortier - Bedrock
Bedrock from Disc 1:

  1. Solomonic Agents
  2. Caught With My Pants Down
  3. Marscater [John Debo & Steve Porter's Deported Vocal]
  4. Control Factor [Justin O'Brien & Jonathan Dub]
  5. Edge of Time [Illinton Massive Edge Remix] - Choc Electrique
  6. Touch D Dub
  7. Greyclouds [Drumclub Remix]
  8. Future [Mix One]
  9. Timewreck
  10. Timecrash [Mara Remix]
  11. My Little Dancing Girl - Meat Katie
  12. Generik [Chab Remix] - Sunscape
Disc 1:
  1. Elemental - Women of Color
  2. One - Deep C
  3. Nova
  4. Gasp - Dan Morris
  5. Deported [Heavy Mix] - John Debo
  6. Lost Language
  7. Wise Man Speaks
  8. Nordica - Steve Porter
  9. @Night
  10. Two Days on Lansdowne
  11. Turn It Up [I-Jack Remix] - Angel Moraes
  12. Losing Wait [Instrumental] - Chris Fortier

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