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  Billboard 7.14.99
by Shannon Petrick

Venue: Club Anytime - Atlanta, GA
Presented by: Billboard Dance Music Summit

Shannon PetrickBillboard Magazine...not exactly who you'd expect to throw a party. And yet they did — for three entire days. I was lucky enough to attend the first night, July 14, the night that competed with the Crystal Method/Orbital/John Kelley Community Service Tour at the Tabernacle. The Community Service Tour greatly affected at least the beginning of the party. As I walked into Club Anytime, the music was pumping but there was absolutely nobody there. I waited around a bit, drank a few drinks, and enjoyed the vast, empty dance floor. I didn't know what to do with myself — I usually have to push my way through a crowd to be able to dance!

Finally at 1:00am people began pouring in from the Community Service Tour. It seemed the the Billboard party had become the after-party. All sorts of DJs were there, from Bobble to J-Luv, all there to support a few tracks that DeepTribalDubDisco Recordings had released. As all the kids came wandering in, Sync began spinning. This local DJ is amazing! I feel that he pretty much represents trance music for Atlanta. He has exquisite taste in music and he always gets the crowd going. Sync played heavenly and his friends and brother (the local P.A. act, Sextron 01) were there to support him. If you see this DJ's name on a flier, don't miss the show!

DJ Sync It was nice to be able to sit down on comfy couches and chairs that Club Anytime had placed on the floor. The club definitely had one up over most venues that only have a cold, hard floor to sit on.

I also had the chance to meet two other great DJs that were spinning that night, Rob Reum and Lil' Steven. They were both very sweet and adorable and they went crazy for the camera, holding up records and making faces.

Before I knew it, the club was filling up and people seemed to be having a great time. Greg Adamson from Satellite Records definitely was a crowd pleaser. J-Luv, who's been playing some huge parties lately, graced us with his presence and played a wonderful set.

Overall, it was a good party (especially for $5). I hope more people show up at parties like this in the future because we need to support our locals!

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