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  Cleaning Up the Dirty South
Venue: Bazzaar
by Parker Stephens

It's always nice to find an event that follows through on its mission statement. Cleaning up the Dirty South: "An event where people feel obliged to dance, drink, stare, poke and prod" an event determined to provide "socially conscious hedonism". You can interpret 'socially conscious' however you like, but the hedonism is there in full force. Cleaning up the Dirty South, an established monthly at Bazzaar, has quickly become one of the highlights of my month. Jeremy Bermen aka 1-800-DISENFRANCHISED and Drew Van Atten aka DJ DVA are the main attractions on these nights of hedonistic dubified funk.

Parker First of all, if you haven't been to Bazzaar yet, go. Bill Kaelin has used an artist's touch to give Atlanta something truly unique. Nestled on the corner of Peachtree and Ponce next to the Fox, Bazaar is a restaurant/bar/lounge whose versatility remains unmatched in Atlanta. A great staff, desirable location, and impressive decor all contribute to make any visit there memorable. CUDS' events demonstrate just how versatile Bazaar can be; some nights invite chilled out conversation over drinks and dinner, but when the cleaning crew is at Bazzaar the place really comes alive. I have been a regular a Bazzaar for some time now and haven't seen the place become so alive since my first visit. You will hear a wide variety of music being played during CUDS nights, the majority of tunes hover around electro, but the sets are always dashed with a few progressive and techy flourishes. To give you an idea, some of my personally favorite tracks being played include Fat Phaze's "Take Care" (Sebastian Leger's 2019 rmx), Alter Ego "Rocker" (Eric Prydz Remix), Husky Rescue "City Lights" (Product.01's Crunch City Rmx), and The MFA "The Difference it Makes" (Superpitcher Rmx). Jeremy and DVA rotate expertly on the decks, hardly ever losing a step between DJ swaps. When these sets come together they have a way of hitting just the right note to compliment Bazzaar's dimly-lit nocturnal atmosphere; the naughty and sophisticated rolled up into one ass-shaking and shot taking tribute to vice, excess, and elegance.

Added sound and specialized decor give these nights something special. A very familiar and seductive French Maid towers roughly eight feet tall against a window and watches over Bazzaar's Bacchanalia. The sight of her black and white stare has slowly become emblematic in my mind of an approaching delectation and an inevitable hangover. Bazzaar and the CUDS crew do a great job in working together to create an authentic vibe for the night. And if you were there in August, you got to see all the added lighting (mostly blue) provided by the Atlanta Police Department after about five squad cars responded to an intoxicated street brawl just outside of the lounge. Although Bazzaar doesn't have a dance floor, the area is designed to allow ample space for moving bodies downstairs and up. One of the great things about Bazzaar's setup is that even with a limited area the place avoids feeling cramped. People are close enough to one another that electricity and excitement can easily spread through a crowd, but there is always somewhere to sit, chill and have a drink if you want. I can't say enough about the place. CUDS is a great example of how a venue and an event can come together and compliment each other perfectly. In a city where bars, lounges, and clubs are quickly transformed into predictable havens for all things pop and mediocre it's nice to attend an event that purposely strays from the status quo. And don't worry, even though these guys say their cleaning up, it's still a little dirty. Be there.

Still not convinced? Next time around the CUDS crew will be taking their show into the third dimension, that's right, slap on those red/blue shades and enjoy the 3D-effects being brought in to compliment the music and vibe. What could be better than sick music, beautiful people, a great venue, and a severely distorted depth perception? Not much, just be careful near the stairs.

Visit Bazzaar's Website


Ewan Pearson - Sci-Fi-Hi-Fi
Sci-Fi-hi-Fi from Track Listing:

  1. F Clashing Egos - I Trusted You
  2. Lontano - Lovebass
  3. Feist - Inside and Out
  4. Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy
  5. Dirt Crew - Largo
  6. Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee
  7. Different Gear - Pop Idle (Instrumental)
  8. Brazilian Girls - Don't Stop
  9. Karu - Maraud Your Ears
  10. Spirit Catcher - Key Generator
  11. Danton - Odd Bassliner
  12. Dirk Technic - I Love You
  13. Soldout - I Don't Want To Have Sex With You
  14. Alex Visconti - I Wanna Be Your Everything
  15. Da Fresh - Broken Dream

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