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Neon Halloween

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:03 pm    Post subject: Neon Halloween Reply with quote

Calendar Event: 28 Oct 2011 9:00 pm


Friday October 28, 2011

Household Management, Nightsneak Entertainment, and Music Matters present


Household Management teams up with Nightsneak Entertainment and Music Matters to bring you what will be one of the most talked about events ever! Join as we transform the legendary GEORGIA RAILROAD FREIGHT DEPOT into the "FRIGHT DEPOT" for one night only! The FRIGHT DEPOT is spacious 2000 person capacity venue that will be transformed into a virtual dreamscape of GLOWING and UV REACTIVE haunts creating an otherwordly sensory overload for the eyes and ears! NEON HALLOWEEN will have a the most amazing and stunning lighting and sound array, as well as projections, lasers, decorations, and production the likes of which will be unlike anything ATL has ever witnessed before! Think of it as a one night only GLOWING Haunted House!

The talent:

Ruff Ryders, Def Jam, Columbia Records, Full Surface Records, Bloodline // New York City
Yes that's right your heard me THE ONE AND ONLY DMX!!! Star of the movies BELLY, ROMEO MUST DIE, EXIT WOUNDS, CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE, and seller of over 28 MILLION RECORDS WORLDWIDE as well as the only rapper to ever have every one of his 5 SEPARATE ALBUMS DEBUT AT NUMBER ONE ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS! DMX joins NEON HALLOWEEN to come rock the party like only HE CAN performing his anthems LIVE right before your very eyes! Ya'll made us lose our minds up in here! Up in here!

Along with THE PLEDGE TO RAGE TOUR featuring:

Karamloop, // Boston, Massachucetts
THE DEAN'S LIST is a trio music group out of Boston, Massachusetts. Simply, they just do music.
Sonny Shotz: (Boston, Massachusetts) is the rapper/songwriter of the group. He brings style, charisma, and wittiness to the table. His flexible ability as a rapper gives him a great balance with Mik Beats and Mendoza to create a wide variety of music. DJ Mendoza: (Boston, Massachusetts) is the more hip/hop-ish producer, and also handles all business behind The Dean's List. Having a wide influence of musical backgrounds, Mendoza creates a great balance producing each track. Mik Beats: (Edison, New Jersey) also handles the role of the more poppy side of the production as well as the mixing Engineer. Mik's knowledge of sound engineering gives each track a clear crisp sound. Since dropping their latest mixtape, The Drive In (sponsored by Karmaloop and Brobibble, and including the smash hits "Dear Professor" and "Burn It All") they’ve been killing it at colleges across the country. The group has amassed a large fan base that not only includes college kids across the nation, but all over the world. Whether it be hip-hop, pop, rock or anything in between, they’re a group of highly motivated and talented musicians that stand to make a huge impact in music. From recently being featured in The Source, highlighted by Redbull, to opening for Kid Cudi, The Dean’s List are clearly one of hottest emerging artists of 2011.

ONCUE // Brooklyn, NYC
OnCue is a Connecticut native/Brooklyn based Hip-Hop artist who is known for his unique way of blending Hip-Hop and Alternative Rock to create a fresh and eclectic sound. So far in 2011, OnCue has released two critically acclaimed mixtapes (Cuey Sings the Blues and Leftovers) and his upcoming new project Can’t Wait is being released early Fall 2011.


GILBRE FORTE // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gilbere Forte is an up and coming rapper/singer from Philly that has been garnering a lot of buzz since his feature on “Alors On Danse (Remix)” with Kanye West. After being featured on tracks with artists such as Tyga and Freeway, in addition to the success of his Don Cannon-hosted EYES of VERITAS mixtape, Gilbere’s popularity continues to rise.

Along with one of the biggest acts in DUBSTEP today!

Mt. Eden Dubstep, // Auckland, New Zealand
As dubstep production duo Mt Eden (formerly Mt Eden Dubstep), Jesse Hooper and Harley Rayner are truly putting New Zealand - and dubstep as a genre - on the map. You could write that off as industry hyperbole, but in this case a little braggadocio is entirely apt: to date the New Zealand based act can claim over 50 million collective plays of their tracks on YouTube - more than any other New Zealand act, ever. What started as a hobby in their early teens (they were 13 and 14 when they started mixing together on their computers), has morphed into international success for the pair, who only started posting their music online after a friend created a YouTube channel for them in early 2010. Within months their total hit count was in the millions and rising - all of a sudden the bedroom producers and amateur DJs were staring down the barrel of international renown, and feeling appropriately blown away. Having first made their mark with the epic ‘Sierra Leone', Mt Eden have since remixed tracks by Ruby Frost, Six60 and legendary producer DJ Fresh, as well as many other incredible local and international artists - simultaneously building a large enough collection of their own material to warrant the recent release of their EP MEDS. Says Rayner, "It felt like the weight was shifted when we put out MEDS, because we finally had a body of original work we could be proud of and that was well received." Having put MEDS to the people Mt Eden are already at work on their debut album, which will feature collaborations and remixes with a number of other respected producers and artists from around the world. Claiming they only started making dubstep because of genre godfathers Benga and Skream, locally the duo's influences also include Concord Dawn, Shapeshifter, Bulletproof, Trei, State of Mind and Tiki Taane. Other acts they're currently into include Baths, Doctor P, Ben Sage, Hudson Mohawke, Skrillex, James Blake and Tokyo Prose. Live, Mt Eden's shows are built around moments - extended build-ups, drum solos, double and triple drops - the focus always being to generate momentum and keep the crowd in the right frame of mind. Featuring a lot of unreleased material - including their own unreleased bootlegs, unheard edits of their own tunes and unreleased tracks from other artists - every Mt Eden set is a unique journey. "We have always played a good mixture of light and dark, so it can be an uplifting and gut-wrenching journey all at the same time," elaborates Cooper. Following a Kiwi summer that saw them play a number of well received gigs, including at the Rhythm & Vines and La De Da festivals, Mt Eden look ahead to a touring schedule that has taken on a life of its own. Fielding multiple requests daily from promoters around the world, 2011 looks set not only to be the year of dubstep, but of Mt Eden. Reflecting on the events of the past year Rayner says, "We didn't expect any of this to happen, and we are still overwhelmed by it." They better get their heads around it soon, because this rollercoaster ride is already well underway.

And one of the biggest names in ELECTRO today!

Ultra Records, Sex Cult Records // New York City, New York
Ask the DJ/production duo DESIGNER DRUGS how many air miles they've logged over the past year and the answer requires more than a bit of calculating. "Over 300,000," Michael Vincent Patrick referencing numerous spots around the world where the group has performed. "I have a really nice apartment in New York City, but I've only been there three days this month." It's a testament both to the duo's popularity and work ethic that that number may become the annual norm. After nearly 50 remixes for everyone from Mariah Carey to Annie to Thieves Like Us, the diverse electronic group, comprised of Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson, is set to release their debut album HARDCORE/SOFTCORE on Ultra Records in February 2011. Where past productions and remixes have been on the poppier end of the musical spectrum, Hardcore conjures up a darker, edgier vibe – think the throbbing, industrial-heavy opening club scene in "The Doom Generation" – yet still retains a melodic center on many of the tracks. "I think we're making music for the apocalypse," says Michael, only half-joking. "The state of society is at a place where people just don't give a fuck and that's what inspires our music." On Hardcore/Softcore, numerous sounds saddle up against each other, proving the title's veracity. The punishing electro-industrial punk of "Dead Meat" and grinding, pounding beat of club bangers "Face Melter" and "The Terror" provide contrast to the pop vocals of Norwegian singer Annie on "Crazy For You" and fist-pumping up-tempo anthem "Into The Light." Elsewhere, the classic electro-funk of "Leather Gang" sits comfortably against the Italo-shoegaze of "For All We Know" and lead single "Through The Prism" (out 10/26, Ultra Music), the new electro classic featuring Cerebral Vortex. In stark contrast to albums that sound like they're on repeat by track four, Hardcore/Softcore 's myriad styles are a welcome change from many electronic LPs. While a debut album, Hardcore/Softcore functions as much as a culmination of a decade's work as it does the next stage in a bourgeoning career. As the electro scene started to flourish in the early 2000s, the pair built a studio in Philadelphia and christened themselves DESIGNER DRUGS, balancing an in-demand DJing schedule with near-constant demand for track remixes, including Little Boots' "Meddle," Fischerspooner's "The Best Revenge," IAMX's "Spit It Out" and Heartsrevolution's "Switchblade." With Nelson currently in medical school, the duo has still found a way to keep up their busy musical careers. "I don't really do anything else besides med school and music," admits Theo. "I do worry about if I want to be a doctor or a DJ when I finish school, but I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it." Adds Michael: "When he has time off, we'll meet and just write every day." School hasn't stopped the group from putting on memorable live sets as much as possible. Spend a few minutes at one of DESIGNER DRUGS' live shows and you'll see the normally humble pair, spurred on by the intense energy of their music, transform into a different beast. "It gets pretty wild," admits Michael. "Even though we're mellow, there's lots of stage diving and almost slam dancing. It's next level dance club shit that almost morphs into that '90s hardcore/punk vibe." As for the future, more remixes, more original production, more DJ mixes (the online DATAMIX series is on 11 and counting) and many more DJ gigs promise to keep the pair busy for the foreseeable future. And no school will stop DESIGNER DRUGS from achieving their musical goals. "I got a month off coming up," says Theo. "As soon as I get my first free day, it's back to the studio with Michael."

And ATL's own hometown champion:

Overthrow, Mad Decent,​xVillains // Atlanta, Georgia
The true identity of Heroes+Villains, the production entity responsible for creating the go-to tracks for the world’s biggest DJs and the buzz of influential music blogs, has been one of the music industry’s biggest mysteries. Finally, the answer has come, revealing infamous Atlanta bred producers, DJs, and anarchists Daniel Disaster and Pete H as the men behind the moniker. They are taking the blame and pleading guilty to all charges related to the subversive dirty south bass project accountable for a decade of premeditated blood, sweat, and bass. Daniel Disaster may be best known for his work with superstars such as Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, T.I., Young Jeezy, Young Dro, and Yung LA. Spending his days as one of Grand Hustle Records in-house hit-makers, he has been the invisible hand facilitating the “Swag” Hip-Hop movement’s infiltration of commercial music the world over. While Disaster spends his days working on the front-lines of the music industry, Pete H works in entirely different fields unrelated to beats and bass. Unassuming coworkers and customers who deal with Peter H on a day-to-day basis have no idea that behind his quiet smile and efficient work habits cranks the gears of a production machine. Little do they know that his soft humming may be the beginnings of the next dance floor banger. When night comes and Daniel and Pete abandon their daily routines, the duo retreat into the studio. There they become Heroes+Villains, uniting to produce an eclectic variety of house, punk, dubstep, electro, rap and hardcore. Their growing discography includes official remixes for hip-hop colleagues Roscoe Dash's ”All the Way Turnt Up” and Waka Flocka's “Oh Let's Do It.” Their latest mix of Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” was pushed by fans all the way to number one on the internet’s most popular music aggregators Hype Machine, after being included on Diplo and La Roux’s smash mixtape, Lazerproof. When not in studios, Daniel Disaster stays busy playing as one of Atlanta’s premier Dj's. In order to distribute their emerging sound directly to the streets, Disaster headlines his own monthly party, appropriately named “HEAVY”. During these events he releases Heroes+Villains tracks exclusively, making HEAVY the can’t-miss opportunity for industry tastemakers to hear the latest in new music in real time. Clearly Daniel Disaster and Pete H are complex and busy guys, and it is from their manic, multidimensional identities that the paradoxical success of Heroes+Villains emerged. Uniting the archetypical personifications of good and evil, the power generated by their polarity is harnessed as incredible new energy; intense, primal, and unbiased. By commanding the skills that drive seemingly opposing lifestyles and musical genres and bringing them together in a unique yet accessible sound, Heroes+Villains embodies the contradiction that may join the ears of the world. It’s a whole other meaning for conflicting interest, not to mention alter-egos.

and Dubstep Terrorists

Heavy Artillery Records, BroTown Records, Play Me Records // Atlanta, Georgia
Comprised of producers/dj's Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, Mantis was formed in early 2011. Shortly after releasing their first track, Feast, Mantis began gaining speed and notoriety in Atlanta and surrounding areas. After only a few months of producing, they were releasing original tracks on Play Me, Heavy Artillery, and BroTown Records while making a name for themselves outside of Georgia and even the country. Known for throwing down only the heaviest of the heaviest bass music, Mantis has begun building a reputation for being some of the "dirtiest" new producers in the scene. Only time will tell what comes next from these guys... straight from the A!

and Local DJ support provided by ATL's heaviest hitters:


And an opening set by the DJ MIX CONTEST WINNER!
For more details click here:


THE FRIGHT DEPOT (aka The Georgia Railroad Freight Depot)
65 Martin Luther King, Jr Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303

Friendly but firm security!
Doors open at 9pm

Discount pre-sale tickets are on sale NOW exclusively through by clicking the following link:
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