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Verizon's striking union employees sabotaging network?

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:35 pm    Post subject: Verizon's striking union employees sabotaging network? Reply with quote

Post a pic of the "Home Alone" kid, because this is... actually, it's completely unsurprising.

I mean, since when are union thugs in the Northeast willing to resort to dirty tactics in order to flex their muscle? Nah, say it isn't so...

FBI looking into allegation by Verizon of sabotage
By The Associated Press - August 12, 2011

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – Talks continued between Verizon and striking workers Thursday as the company enlisted the help of the FBI to look into alleged incidents of sabotage at some of its network facilities.

Spokesman Rich Young said the company, based in New York City, has discovered more than 90 acts of sabotage since the strike began last weekend . Young said wires had been cut in some places, causing the loss of phones and Internet service for residences and businesses.

Among the non-residential customers affected were a police department and a hospital, according to Michael Mason, Verizon's chief security officer.

"I consider that an unpatriotic act," Mason said. "These cuts aren't just affecting a faceless, monolithic company."

An FBI spokesman confirmed Thursday that the bureau is looking into the allegation.

"Because critical infrastructure has been affected, namely the telecommunications of both a hospital and a police department, the FBI is looking into this matter from a security standpoint as part of our security efforts leading up to the 9-11 anniversary," Special Agent Bryan Travers said in an email.

A Communications Workers of America spokeswoman said in an email that the union doesn't support illegal acts.

"CWA does not condone illegal action of any kind, and instructs its members to conduct all strike activities in accordance with labor law," CWA communications director Candice Johnson wrote.

About 45,000 Verizon landline workers from Massachusetts to Virginia went on strike Sunday, fighting management demands for contract givebacks. At issue is the company's declining landline business in an age of mobile phones.

The CWA said it planned to raise awareness of the impact of striking technicians by beefing up picket lines at several Verizon Wireless office locations in southern New York on Friday. Those technicians are responsible for maintaining the company's wireless network.

Despite the success of the company's wireless business, Verizon "has never come to the table with offers of vastly increased compensation and benefits for the technicians who make Verizon Wireless' enormous profitability possible," the CWA said in a statement.

Young, the Verizon spokesman, said the contracts for landline workers "were written in the rotary phone era and are no longer applicable. Our contracts need to be modernized and we need our union members to work with us to make that happen."

...and just to be clear on my position here: I'm a HUGE fan of obliteration of all unions and full-spectrum performance-based pay -- all the way down to indentured servitude. Employee protection = "there's a performance review FOR A REASON", and life-sentence in prison = "enjoy being on the work crew building my pyramid, anal blossom".

Couple of fun topics for y'all to chew on there...
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The 'anal-blossoms' are still at it..

Verizon said on Monday that there had been 143 acts of sabotage to telephone facilities since 45,000 of its workers went on strike Aug. 7.

Verizon officials did not offer definite proof that any particular act was sabotage. But they said it was suspicious that there had been three times the number of incidents in the last eight days as in the previous six months.

“It just isn’t feasible that there is not a connection because there’s been such an uptick since the calling of the strike,” Mike Mason, Verizon’s chief security officer, said. “Whoever is doing it, I consider it un-American and unpatriotic to attack critical infrastructure.”

Verizon officials said phone lines had been deliberately cut in Washington, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, New York and other places. Washington’s police chief has urged residents to keep an eye out for such acts of sabotage.

Among the places affected were a nursing home and two police departments.

Verizon officials said the huge storms on the East Coast last weekend also caused some damage and failures, without specifying where or how many, but they said the company was fully focused on repairs.

Union officials said they opposed all sabotage and had repeatedly told their members not to engage in such acts. They also said that Verizon was exaggerating the number of incidents.

At the same time, the unions have their own complaints about Verizon, saying that several strikers have been struck by managers’ cars.

Candice Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Communications Workers of America, said Verizon was highlighting the sabotage to turn the public against the strikers, who are members of the C.W.A. and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

“This really does take away from what is the big issue in this strike: that Verizon is refusing to bargain and instead is demanding $1 billion in concessions from workers who earn middle-class wages,” she said.

Verizon is pushing the unions to accept far-reaching concessions, including a pension freeze, fewer sick days and having workers contribute far more toward their health coverage.

With the negotiations barely inching forward, the sides have accused each other of refusing to bargain in good faith. Verizon’s top spokesman, Peter Thonis, said the union’s $1 billion figure for concessions was exaggerated.

The communications workers union said a picketer in Massapequa, N.Y., had been hit by a private security guard leaving a Verizon facility, and another striker had been hit in the head by the side mirror of a manager’s van in Howell, N.J.

Mr. Mason said he had never asserted that the unions were responsible for the sabotage, suggesting that individual strikers may have acted on their own. “What’s important is the impact isn’t to a faceless company,” he said. “The impact is to the customers we serve, to government facilities, to individuals.”

Michael Ward, special agent in charge of F.B.I.’s Newark office, said the agency was “looking at this matter” because “critical infrastructure has been affected.” He said the F.B.I. was not taking sides in the strike.

David Zielenziger, whose 88-year-old mother lives in the assisted living facility at the Hebrew Home for the Aged in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, said he was unable to reach his mother on Friday. Employees there later told him that sabotage had cut off service to many residents, although one suggested it may have been tree- cutters gone awry. Verizon officials later said it had been sabotage, providing photos of a neatly sliced three-inch-thick cable nearby.

“There was no service Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning,” Mr. Zielenziger said, “It was really annoying.”

Robert Varettoni, a Verizon spokesman, said the company had obtained court injunctions in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania that set rules for picketing to make it easier and safer for managers and other workers to enter and leave Verizon facilities.

Mr. Mason said Verizon had repeatedly told its managers and other employees to respect the strikers and certainly not to hurt them. He said many picketers had banged on employees’ car hoods as they approached Verizon facilities and that some picketers then pretended the vehicles had hit them.
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