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3.25 mynt lounge - darren emerson & nic fanciulli

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transa firma

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:48 pm    Post subject: 3.25 mynt lounge - darren emerson & nic fanciulli Reply with quote


mynt is at once, the best and worst there is about miami lounges/nightclubs. it's got great visuals--i counted at least 8 projectors flanking the halls, reasonble sound system (as always, for us deaf people, couldve been louder), spacious dj and separate vj booth and a reflective tall ceiling to appear even more spacious for a "small" venue.

the club is essentially a double-wide shotgun lounge layout. depth is roughly triple the width. bar on one side and ccarpet walkway forms one-half. mutually-facing vip booths line the other "walkway". dj booth is at the far end (and vj booth is on the street side). and yes, 4 more vip booth areas surround the dj area.

the booths sport some very cush-y couches, and sturdy enough for people to sit and dance on the backs & the arm rests. oh yeah, one lighted box for a dancer in the very middle of this all.

i cannot imagine ever laudiing the design/layout of a lounge, but in mynt's case it was actually possible to dance in all of the walk-able areas, and that doubles as the dancefloor. and since the vip areas are all massive sectionals--with people on the arm rests & backs dancing... its sort of functional given the setting. hmm...

$7 for bottled water. when they ran out, and started serving a smaller bottle, it was still $7. vodka redbull was $14. security was beyond firm & polite, but not quite outright 'roid-rage. and the people... ok, so not all the guys were douchebags, but the women were mostly luzers, definiltely.

door admission was awful. general admissmion is not available until 1a--the club opens up, supposedly around 10p. that's 1a and the place closes down at 5a. i observed extreme high-pressure push for bottle service--entry for a group of wannabe VIPs was four-bottles commit. and they solicit this by asking for your ID & credit card upfront. before you even cross the ropes. and women walks in front so that can count the non-women and promptly click off entry.

yeah, it's like that.

the gu night was advertised as 2 rooms... couldnt figure out how they were doing with one "room"--and it was tough to tell which of the nubreed launch artists was doing the opening duties. darren emerson took over (with mc/announcement) sometimes around 2a--i was thinking, drat... missing nic fanciulli altogether. darren played only about an hour and then the mc/announcer brought out nic. at best, nic played about 90min and after 4a, as the exclusive crowd all faded for space(overheard chatter)... the duo started tagging until finish.

clearly, the two djs have very different sound--without visual confirmation, it's readily apparently which is which--nic played exclusively from a laptop, while darren actually had some records. darrens sound was, without sounding dated, that famously chugging GU. nic was more tech. tech-prog, is that a genre yet?!! it's ok to be progressive as long as it's not labeled as such, right?!! ( :

the crowd was fun. not complete VIPness only. and since the club never sold out (of boothes, or capacity), ample room for me and others to dance. i actually had a better time than hed kandi, not because of the music per se, but the fact that it wasnt shoulder-to-shoulder. the crowd, though... faded very fast, as i've mentioned.

it's important to beat the rush out/in to whatever next thing may be. when GU came around to pass out promo-tshirts, about 1/3 of the vip couches were emptied. the 4a exodus was more like a stampede. so much so that the djs took to much drinking (speculation). at one point, darren emerson volumed down to say something to nic, but both were so drvnk, that neither noticed they actually turned off the whole sound system 9as opposed to the monitors) and the club was without music for about 4sec ( :

i'm still trying to figure out the closer/encore. each took a turn to drop some massive massive tunes. darren had a loft-y send off with the kind of riffs and breaks you'd expect. and nic had something that looped "gonna do" over and over. some trainspottin help is appreciated.


upon departure, collins avenue offered further entertainment. "hello, my name is rachael, it's my first time in miami" lead to something innuendo about room service. upon my declaration that my accomodations were not nice enough to afford room service, the street capitalist left me alone.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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