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Horrible Children & Afro Acid present Felix Da Housecat

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Horrible Children

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:55 pm    Post subject: Horrible Children & Afro Acid present Felix Da Housecat Reply with quote

Horrible Children ♥'s Afro Acid!

For the Valentines Day edition of Adult Content we are teaming up with one of the sexiest, most vibrant groups in Atlanta to throw you a love fest like no other.


Felix Da Housecat
Chicago, IL

“People need to be able to relate!”
It’s time to tune into the ‘Narrative Of Thee Blast Illusion’
Welcome to 2015, a year of hardcore uproar across the globe. Game Of Thrones is thundering, Governments are crumbling and everywhere we look, stormy clouds are rumbling. But in the midst of
all this uncertainty, Chicago’s very own and ever-reliable Felix Da Housecat is back with a brand new album on New York’s No Shame imprint. Which begs the question of course: in a world awash with endless streaming, why is it so important for this particular DJ/producer to release a new LP right now?
“You know I’ve always been about albums!” laughs Felix with that irrepressible feline cackle of his. “When Madkatt Courtship first came out on Profile, at that time, between 1993 and 95, there was a period when no-one made albums. Laurent Garnier had F Communications and I had Radikal Fear but in ‘94 I said to myself – no one is doing albums, and I wanted to tell a story. That’s always been my thing. Anyone can make a track with a kick-drum behind it but for me it was a challenge and then when ‘Kittens…’ and ‘Devin Dazzle’ and “I Know Elektrikboy’ came along, I realized that it was fun to have themes and stories to connect with.”
A return to the 'Drive'-inspiring synth-drenched sounds of ‘Ready To Wear’ and ‘My Life Muzik’, Felix’s new ‘Narrative…’ is at turns soulful, introspective, highly charged and sweet like chocolate. “This one took 3 years to make,” he says. “For me, an album is like a high school yearbook and so it’s an experience and a challenge. I know some people don’t do it any more but we are the Madonna, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode generation. Daft Punk are great at it but a lot of people can’t put an album together! But for me, it’s not fun, its draining. Then when it’s done, I’m glad it’s done and when it comes out, my brain has been released to the universe!”
Born and raised in Chicago and now based in L.A. having spent several years in London, Felix’s career came to fruition via UK labels like William Orbit’s Guerilla imprint and later Damian Lazarus’ City Rockers for his award-winning ‘Kittenz And Thee Glitz’ album, which introduced Miss Kittin to the(e) world. As before, Felix is making this album for the art, not the money. “Oh definitely,” he nods. “You can always tell money music from heart music. People identify when its something they have been through. A good song will make it through regardless. But I don’t do it for the money. The album has to grow…”
Having worked with everyone from P. Diddy to Nile Rodgers, Felix is the consummate studio collaborator. But he has something else to say. Get ready. “I’m going to say this in the least Kanye way possible – and I love Kanye West, I’m from Chicago! – but I’ve come to a stage in my life where I’ve proved and done everything I have done as Felix from ‘Fantasy Girl’ to through the streets of techno – so I don’t have to prove myself to the new generation. I make what I like and try not to get caught up. Nile Rodgers is the king of this. He makes music he likes and its good music that he knows how to balance for the world. My intentions are not to make a million from this album. It’s all about moods.”
The album opens with ‘Why Games’, which longtime fans will remember as having the melodic echo of his 1999 classic ‘My Life Muzik’. The bassline and synths are quintessential Felix: early Prince with a touch of electro heartbreak. “The singer’s girlfriend had broken up with him and I needed to make something on a My Life Muzik tip,” he says. “Oh, your girlfriend just left you? Perfect. So I wrote it and told him to cry on that song ad put it in the track. People need to be able to relate!” The album’s big guest star moment, meanwhile, comes from reggae genius Lee Scratch Perry on 'The Natural.'
“DUDE! Wait ‘til I tell you this story. That’s how I believe about being in the right place at the right time. I watched the Bob Marley documentary and I knew who he was but didn’t know what he’d done. And then I watched The Upsetter which is also about him. My tour manager Devin, his dad plays keyboards for the Skatalites, one of the first and best reggae bands ever. Devin got a number for Mr Perry - I call him Mr Perry – he’d never heard of me so I had to send him a portfolio of music. Then they wanted this amount of dollars in cash… and I didn’t have that amount of cash! But we worked it out. He walked in and started doing everything he does in the documentary. You can’t have a normal conversation with him: it’s like he has natural DMT. It’s not an act! And he went for it! I did all my research on him. I didn’t want to put him on top of a beat – I found his players from the 70s and had Jamaica up in New York like it was the 1970s! He asked: ‘can you feel me moving through you?’ And then I played bass like it was reggae on the very first take. Unbelievable.”
Asserting that ‘Narrative…’ isn’t a club record, it’s almost a record for the(e) dawn, with songs like ‘Codeine Cowboy’ and the melancholic, none-more-Felix vocoder-vibe of ‘Is Everything OK’ a reminder that melody beats drops and kicks. “It’s a night thing,” says Felix of the album. “It’s me tapping into melodies. It has nothing to do with hands in the air, its about melody and lyrics. ‘Codeine Cowboy’ – that’s about taking Codeine and Gatorade and trying to vibe!!! I took it for the musical pain. It’s real. Every track on that album is real. That shit on TV is a disease…. My studio was in my basement and everything came from there. ‘Looking For A Reason’s is about how everyone is looking for an excuse to f***, so its about people getting horny in the summertime. And 'Queer' “is not about being straight or gay. It’s an attitude of when someone flips out on love, being possessive. It’s about a neighbour who’s obsessed with you.”
Also excellent is 'Devon’s Box' (“I need to go back into that, never forget where I come from,” he smiles, which has a cosmic pop feel and yes, that Linn Drum Prince vibe. “You know 80s Prince runs through my veins! Prince until ‘Lovesexy’. He has taken down every video on YouTube expect my song ‘We All Wanna Be Prince.’ So he’s heard it!! I’ve had many opportunities to meet him but I like to keep the mystique. His attitude is like Under The Cherry Moon".
The final piece in the puzzle is the artwork, created by Abdul Qadim Haqq who created artwork for Knights Of The Jaguar/UR and Transmat. Felix remembers how it happened well. "I was sitting on a hotel in Detroit…. and I called him. And he said: 'don’t you remember we met at Tribal Gathering in 1995!' I told him I wanted three characters – NOSTALGIA, HEROINE and PARADOX. These 3 characters are going to be part of the illusion and these songs are all a narrative of my life. And they’re blasting me with it!!! If you look at the art, they’re shooting the blast gun into Paradox on the right. And that’s very important. If people ask what its about, this is part of the story. And for people who don’t know, its great they don’t know! Because they can investigate! Why make a record with no meaning behind it?”

With local support from:

(Horrible Children)

(Afro Acid)

Also Featuring:

SeXXy Robots
Valentines Visuals
Drink Specials

$5 secured metered parking directly across the street

Saturday Feb. 13th 2016

No Dress Code
Come to Dance!!![/img]
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