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  Winter Music Conference 2002

Darbi Aranio & Brett Abramson
Sterling McGarvey
Shannon Petrick
tF (forum archive)
Photos by Darbi Aranio

[Click on the other staff names, to read their respective reviews. This is Shannon checking in from Miami.]

What a way to kick off the conference! This is the BBC's first party ever at the Winter Music Conference. It was held at Miami's infamous after-hours club, Nikki Beach. It's the best place for locals to go after clubbing because it doesn't close until noon!

The party started early, and by 1pm, the club was packed. Nikki Beach is an outside club: there is no roof and only two walls. The back of the club is the vast, blue ocean (thank God it wasn't raining that day).

If you made it to BBC party, you probably noticed that the "Who's Who" of dance music were in attendance: Quivver was lounging around in his Bermuda shorts, Danny Howells was sipping on a margarita, and Lee Burridge was getting a tan. Not to mention the A-list people from Atlanta, including the ever-present Eddie and our very own Brett and Darbi, to name a few. Quite a sight to see!

Let's see…there was the roaring ocean, the celebrity DJs, the record label execs, the inevitable V.I.P. tent and oh, yes the music.

This party was basically "The Pete Tong Essential Mix" party. As much as I was dreading Pete Tong's set, he actually did a good job. Maybe all the half-naked Brazilian women in attendance compelled Pete to actually mix his records.

Danny Rampling played his trademark house music with some trancier tracks included. Of course, every song had vocals in it (a bit tiring, at times). But everyone seemed to be into it and it was the perfect music for the bright, sunny day. Let's leave the really good stuff for the nighttime events.

DJ Dan stole the show! What a performer! I've heard him play dark house music before, but he kept it light for the daytime crowd. He's definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Another impressionable performance was that of X-Press 2. I saw the X-Press 2 lads in London in February at Fabric, and they really surprised me! Their sound is hands-in-the-air house music (sans the cheesiness of Pete Tong/Danny Rampling house music). Everyone that was sitting quickly stood up when X-Press 2 began to work their magic.

BBC Radio One was a smashing success. For those of you who didn't make it to Miami until Saturday, you missed one hell of a party. Book your airplane tickets earlier next year!

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