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  Nick Warren
by Shannon Petrick

This interview took place in October 1999 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Shannon PetrickNick started chatting on about things even before I start the interview. He asks me questions like, "did you have fun?" and "did you like what I played?" Finally, I took control and started asking him my questions.

Lunar: How was your flight here?

Nick: My flight from England to Boston was perfect. I flew Virgin Airlines. I always fly Virgin Airlines...I like them because I get to drink champagne and live like a superstar. Then from Boston to Atlanta, I flew Delta and they fucked up big time. They got me to Birmingham so late. I didn't even have time to change my pants! I had to come here wearing the pants I was wearing 24 hours ago! [Nick gets a sympathy pat on the shoulder from Shannon]

Lunar: Do you like playing in small venues in small towns versus bigger venues in bigger towns?

Nick: To be truthful, I think any DJ will tell you that they like bigger venues because you've got 4,000 people dancing to your music. Don't get me wrong — I like playing small clubs like this. My favorite thing I saw tonight was when you and your friend were sitting down and I put on this really good record and you stood up and started dancing. That's what it's all about. But you can't beat 4,000 people dancing at the same time.

Lunar: How long have you been playing and how did you start off?

Nick: I've been playing for ten years. I started off as a Massive Attack DJ and toured around, and then I was a resident at Cream, and then I started doing my own thing and here I am now.

Nick WarrenLunar: How do you think the American scene differs from the European scene?

Nick: I think the American scene is better. The European scene has become so commercialized. You don't really see it that much here...yet. That's why Sasha and Digweed and I always come to one's really interested in the commercial aspect of it here.

Lunar: Do you listen to any other type of music besides electronic?

Nick: Yes, I love the Cocteau Twins...

Lunar: Oh my God, I love them...what's your favorite album? [I bond with him for a moment because he has really good taste in music]

Nick: Also, I like JunkieXL. They're from Amsterdam. You should watch out for them because they incorporate all different types of music and make it into their own style. They're really good!

Lunar: What American DJs do you like?

Nick: You know, there is one DJ who I absolutely love...Jimmy Van Malleghem. Do you know him?

Lunar: Yes, he played an amazing set in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I loved hearing him.

Nick: Yeah, he's really good. I'm good friends with him and he's such a peculiar moment he's so outgoing and the next minute he's like a rock. But I love him and his music.

Lunar: Do you have any projects going on that you can talk about?

Nick: Actually, before I left London [looking at his watch] 28 hours ago, I just finished this Way Out West project. I finished it and then headed right to the States. Do you realize it's 10am in London right now? I've been up for so long!

[Since he'd been up for so long, I decided to ask him random questions]

Lunar: Okay, here's the fun part, then. What's your favorite book?

Nick: Oh God! I read so much and my mind just went blank. I just read something recently and it was called "Diaries...something." I can't think of it!

Lunar: "Bridget Jones' Diary"?

Nick: Yes! That's it! I loved that book! I like reading about what women's interesting because I'm not of that gender so I can only read about it.

Lunar: What's your favorite color?

Nick: Blue.

Lunar: If you were an animal, what would you be?

Nick: [smiling] A cheetah. [I don't ask why]

Lunar: Do you have any advice for up and coming DJs?

Nick: [laughing] Yeah, don't bother! That really pisses them off! No, seriously...just do your thing and forget everything else. Don't do it for the status or the girls or anything like that. Do it because you love the music.


Global Underground Brazil cover art Global Underground 008: Brazil
Compiled and mixed by Nick Warren
Record Label:
Studio K7/Boxed/Global Underground
Track Listing:

  1. Marching Powder
  2. Lose It (To The Sound)
  3. Sequenza (Version 1)
  4. India
  5. All I Am (Yum Yum Mix)
  6. Tequila Flange
  7. Rise & Fall (Rise Mix)
  8. New Sunset
  9. No One In The World (Slacker)
  10. Tidle Protaxis
  11. Miralaca
  12. Northern Lights (Pob Mix)
  13. Tranceillusion (Taucher M)
  14. Psychout (Thing)
  15. Your Beautiful (Jcb Mix)
  16. Kill City
  17. Reality Detatched
  18. Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (Light)
  19. Aquaphonic
  20. Cafe Del Mar 98 (Nalin+Kane)
  21. Breathe In You (M&Ms Dub)
  22. Equilibrium
  23. Indica
  24. Dreamscape
  25. Pressure
  26. Boiler

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