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  Top Ten Tunes of 2000
by DJ Cor-e, Gene Carbonell and mayhem

Three of Atlanta's most talented DJs sifted through their year 2000 tunes to compile a list of the best and brightest of breaks, drum and bass, and progressive. Check out the lists below!

Top Breaks Tunes
by DJ Cor-e
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  1. R Fresh and Infiniti - "Get Fresh" - Fresh Productions
    The dancefloor destroyer of 2000. R Fresh and Infiniti team up to produce a track that is a pure floor mover. This track, along with a few others, signaled a real shift in musical focus for the FL scene.

  2. Tony Allen - "Take Me Higher" (Dave London Remix) - Yes Mate Recordings
    The only record on my list that wasn't commercially available in 2000. Dave London lends his signature production style to what was already a classic breakbeat track. The result is amazing, but the only problem is restraining yourself from playing this too early.

  3. Sueno Latino - "Sueno Latino" (Bushwacka remixes) - Distinctive
    Remixes of classic tunes can be a hit or miss affair. Every once in awhile, however, someone nails the vibe and feel of the original perfectly, while adding to the track. This is a perfect example of the latter. Bushwacka adds the perfect touch to this Balearic house classic, creating a lush and beautiful soundscape.

  4. Filter - "Take a Picture" (Remixes) - F-111
    Hybrid and Rennie Pilgrem turn out stellar remixes of this top 40 hit.

  5. DJ Aerosol - "Operation Heat Rave" - white
    Possibly the biggest bootleg of the year. Naughty breakbeat remixes of some top trance tracks.

  6. Jasp182 featuring Elizabeth Arbelo - "Falling For You" - Insomniac Records
    Progressive breakbeat at its best. Jasp182 and the Insomniac camp continue to crank out intelligent tunes with the dancefloor in mind.

  7. Detroit Grand Pu Bahs - "Sandwiches" - Pepper Records
    Although this track was something of a flash in the pan, I think I'd venture to call it "the track of summer". Almost everyone remembers where they were when they first heard "I know you wanna do it..."

  8. Elektronaughts - "Bumper" (Plump DJs mix) - Lacerba
    The Plump DJs are definitely the hot producers right now. Innovative and crisp production signify every one of their projects, but this track is my personal favorite.

  9. Icey - "January" - Zone Records
    One of Icey's best works to date, in my opinion. It seemed to get overlooked by a lot of breakbeat DJs, but I never got anything but an excellent reaction to it.

  10. Anthony Rother - "Red Light District" (Blim remix) - Distinctive
    A perfect fusion of electro and nu skool. Dark, ominous, and evil.

Top Progressive Tunes
by Gene Carbonell
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  1. Luzon - "The Baguio Track" - Yoshi Toshi
    In terms of mood, this track exemplifies myself as a DJ/Remixer/Producer as well as a person. Brilliant track!!!

  2. Cass - "Emotion Surfer" (Hyperion Mix) - Choo Choo
    This track was the influence behind the DarkDriver (myself and D. Scott) track, "Re-vision 2."

  3. Blue Peter - "Funky Suite" (FC Kahuna Mix) - React
    THE track that forced me to fall in love with dirty/funky house.

  4. C & M Productions - "True House" (Hard Steppin' Dub) - Forensic
    A crowd pleaser in every corner of the world.

  5. Bedrock - "Voices" (All Mixes) - Bedrock
    I played every single mix of this track and never got tired of it. To me, that means a lot.

  6. Andy Ling - "Fixation" (Slacker Mix) - Hooj
    To hear the "industry crowd" cheer Digweed when he dropped this at WMC can never be matched.

  7. Above - "A New Day Dawning" (Cass vs. Slide Mix) - 3Beat
    Still in my record box, this tune has lit more floors on fire than I can ever imagine.

  8. Moby - "Porcelain" (Futureshock Remix) - V2
    Funky, moody and energetic...all in the same record. Hard to beat!

  9. Freefall - "Skydive" (Mara Mix) - Renaissance
    For me, this long awaited remix crosses the bridge between pop and progressive. One for the ladies :)

  10. Mainline - "Narcotic"/"Innerspace" and Submission "State Of Interference" on Bedrock and Sunkissed
    These two tracks were my favorite warm-up tunes of the summer. They gave a superb bridge between tech-house and progressive.

Top Drum and Bass Tunes
by mayhem
for booking information, contact

  1. Kemal & Rob Data - "Messiah" - Renegade Hardware
    The tune of the year for me and almost anyone. Ripping basline with that special feeling when the "aaaahhhh" comes in.

  2. Lil Louis - "French Kiss (Optical remix)" - Unreleased
    Everytime a "head" played this chune in Atlanta...the masses went nuts. One of my all time faves.

  3. Trace & Rymetyme - "Move VIP" - 1210
    Nasty, nasty bassline on this one...always got the crowds moving.

  4. Ed Rush & Optical - "White Lightning" - Virus
    Class tune that ripped up the floors on dub for the majority of the year and continued to kill it on vinyl.

  5. Moving Fusion - "Atlantis" - Ram Records
    Smashing roller with a bassline that I've seen blow too many speakers.

  6. Absolute Zero & Subphonics - "The Code (Usual Suspects remix)" - Renegade Hardware
    This remix took it to the next half rolling neurofunk, one half ripping roller.

  7. Future Cut - "The Specialist" - Infrared
    Sick bassline & running beat made this own the floors.

  8. )E|B( - "Breathe" - bcrecordings
    Bad Company's production with Aage's vocals made the transcontinental chune a drilla.

  9. Kraken - "Spinal Chord" - Underfire
    One of the nastiest basslines of the year...not many tunes could run that like that one.

  10. Usual Suspects - "Synapse" - Renegade Hardware
    Absolutely sick roller, 2001 brings the remix...what a year in d&b.

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