Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero—SAW Recordings
by Brett Abramson

Lunar: Describe the sound of you new mix CD, Undulation 1, and what you were trying to do with the release.
Satoshi Tomiie: This is our first CD of the label. Introduce ourselves, represent what SAW is. With present and future releases, reintroducing our past in new way with a creative mix. Satoshi Tomiie Hector Romero Hector Romero: The sound of Undulation 1 pretty much wraps up what SAW has tried to deliver in its first 3 years—it's a modern sound that tries to fuse funkiness, soul and edginess into one. We had a hard time trying to fit the records we picked from the SAW catalog into the short 80 minutes we had to work with. At the end I feel we did a good job choosing titles we felt would go over well with the new consumers we're trying to reach. These consumers are the non-club going music lovers that rarely get to hear this sound.
Lunar: What do you look for when choosing upcoming releases for SAW while wading through the myriad of demos you receive daily?
Hector Romero: Simply good music that we feel will stand the test of time.

Satoshi Tomiie: Whatever makes me go WOW.

SAW Recordings

Hector Romero
Lunar: How has your sound evolved over the years?
Satoshi Tomiie: That's something only other people can tell you. I thought I have been doing 'House Music'! Hector Romero: Our sound has become housier—we're looking for more vocal records that have underground appeal but that have cross-over potential as well. We'll always try to release cutting edge music.
Lunar: What are some hot tracks for you at the moment?
Hector Romero: OThese are my top 5 tunes for the month of November—
  1. Pete Heller's Big Love - Stargazin - Junior
  2. Paolo Mojo - Back In The Day - Sabotage
  3. Mara - 1974 - Choo Choo
  4. Ralph Falcon - That Sound - Azuli
  5. Sandy Rivera - Dreams - Defected
Satoshi Tomiie:
Nathan Fake - 'Outhouse' - Border Community

Lunar: What are your thoughts on the struggling dance music industry and the implications of file sharing?

Satoshi Tomiie Satoshi Tomiie: File sharing is definitely a big pressure, but also music itself is not very exciting. 98% of releases are just average. I buy tons of record still, but it's very hard to remember what I bought sometimes because not a lot of record stand out.

Hector Romero: We're all going through tuff times right now. More so for indie labels such as SAW. Our main business is 12" singles—if kids are downloading our only available single, then we get screwed at the end. I'm all for pay per downloads. We're actually looking into this for our web site. Overall we feel confident that we'll get past this bad period—we're penny pinching and making wise decisions and trying to find other ways to make records sell.


Undulations vol 1 - Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero
Undulations from Track Listing:

  1. Medway and Sean Cusick Sketch
  2. Blue Haze / Bipath Rumble Funk / Paranoize
  3. Missy Zeze and Presslaboys E.F.X. (European Fusion X-Perience)
  4. Cass / Madam Kenjin / Penetration
  5. Madam Penetration (Madam Vs. Bipath Flipped Dub)
  6. Subway Baby Tribes of Khan Gala (DJ Gogo Remix)
  7. Lexicon Avenue Why R U Here (The Hard Mix)
  8. Stephane K / Meat Katie / Lexicon Avenue Numb (Meat Katie Remix) / K-Hole / Why R U Here (Acapella)
  9. Lexicon Avenue Why R U Here (The House Heads Mix)
  10. Satoshi Tomiie Presents Ice Scandal in New York (Undulation Version)
  11. Rob Rives Let Yourself Go (Melody Remix)
  12. Echomen Cure (Undulation Version)

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