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  Saeed & Palash Seks 2002
by Carlos Chiesa

Venue: Eleven50
Presented by: Seks

My initial Saeed and Palash experience was in '99 @ Vinyl (NYC) and since then I have been an avid fan. My next taste came when I heard their UK debut at Home, London (live set). From there, I attended Empire State @ NYC's Hamerstein Ballroom '01 for the single fact that they would be there. The night had some problems and the Duo's set wound up being cut by two hours making it only one. I dished out $30 to hear them and I can truly say It was worth the musical experience. Aside from that, the creation of Addictive Records in 1998 was because, according to Saeed, "Not many people were putting out the sound we were keen to." The duo has produced remixes such as "Voices" (Bedrock), "Rise In" (Steve Lawler) and "U Need It" (Peter Bailey), and along with the label Addictive, has fortified a solid core globally in the Progressive House genre. Saeed and Palash are pioneers in their field and will continue to be a component of DJs' record boxes around the world. The guys were so down to earth and appreciative of their DJ career that they happily took the time out to chat with Lunar during their visit to eleven50 in January, though Saeed did the majority of the talking for the duo, since Palash was on the decks.

Lunar: How did your DJ career start?

Saeed: In high school I was a bedroom DJ. I met Palash because he owned a club and I would spin at the club. That is how we really became friends and my career took off.

Lunar: What about your friends?

Saeed: They are all club kids—none are DJs. Well, maybe a couple are DJs. They are so much fun. I am hardly ever home on weekends but when I am we all go out and party.

Lunar: In September and October, you guys worked on some remix projects. What were they?

Saeed: We remixed Kylie Minogue "In your Eyes," Peter Bailey "U Need It," Superstition "Hyper Harmonic," Da Junkies' "Phab Planet" and the Electric Keys' "Feel the Funk."

Lunar: In the past, what has been one of your most successful remixes?

Saeed: Oh man, the Celeda mix, "The Underground." We went to Ibiza and every club we walked into we heard, (with a smile) "The Underground Baby." That track was our first to hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts.

Lunar: How does it feel to walk into a club and hear your track playing?

Saeed: Oh, it feels great, man. You walk in to see people dancing to your track—it is a dream come true. There is really no other way to put it.

Lunar: Due to the events on September 11th your gig at Club Zouk in Singapore was postponed until October. I read that you and Palash were in the studio for 48 hours prior. What went on?

Saeed: (Laughing) We were remixing Kylie. That shit was crazy. Immediately after remixing Kylie we went home to pack our bags full of records and clothes only to go directly to the airport. We were supposed to have business class seats but they put us all the way in the back of the plane where the bathroom is stinkin' and where they were cooking. They cooked the whole time. So every time we tried to sleep, all you could hear are the damn pots and shit clanking and banging together. Then when we arrived in Singapore 22 hours later, the promoter wants us to come inside the club to have a drink. By this time Palash and I are thinking, "We have not slept in a day, but what the hell." They were the coolest people in Singapore. I loved every minute of our stay there and cannot wait to go back.

Lunar: In November you spun at Cream in Liverpool. Was this your first time playing there?

Saeed: Yeah it was our first time. The booth and the sound system at that club were out of this world. The booth is like a DJ's fantasy; it has everything you could possibly need. And we got to play with Yousef.

Lunar: How is he?

Saeed: Oh man, he is a fucking blast. We went to an after-hours party and he had a Mr. T mask on. He was dancing around with it on and I could not stop laughing.

Lunar: You played in LA on the first of December. What are some differences between that scene and the scene in DC?

Saeed: In DC, the crowds are young kids that have their glow sticks and pacifiers—in LA, you have the same thing but with kids that are 25 and 26.

Lunar: How do you feel about the scene in LA?

Saeed: Ah, it is alright, but LA is not my thing. I am all about real people. I feel a lot of people out there don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

Lunar: Speaking of LA, what do you think of DJ's like Paul Oakenfold infiltrating pop culture?

Saeed: I think they are just taking it to another business level which it was going to get to eventually. Whether it be Oakenfold, BT or someone else, it was bound to happen.

Lunar: Do you promote this 'next level' of business? For example, Sasha and Digweed did a MTV NYE party…

Saeed: Ah, I don't promote it, but a DJ reaches a certain level in their career and they just take (like I said) the business aspect with them. The better job you do, the better your following will be and that will keep growing. There is a fine line between selling out and keeping it real. I mean, people have asked us if we would remix Madonna and ya know, if the track moves me, I'll remix it but if it is something wack and I don't feel it I am not going to remix it; I don't care how much money is in it. Like with Kylie, we had two mixes to choose from. The first mix we did not want to do but the second we knew we could work with it.

Lunar: So at the end of your tour in December your second to last stop was in your hometown at Buzz? How many VIP's did you have and how was it to see your friends?

Saeed: Our Guest list was 45 and all my friends were there supporting. It was a special night all around.

Lunar: How was Addictive Records established in 1998?

Saeed: Basically, back then the music we liked wasn't coming out so we were like, "Screw it, lets start a label." Basically, we started Addictive Records to put out stuff we liked, because not many people were putting out the sound we were keen to.

Lunar: As a duo, how do you collaborate on production?

Saeed: Well, we have three studios. I have one in my house, Palash has one in his house, and we have a main studio where we do our final production. Pre-production starts at home. I may start on the beats and Palash will start on the bass lines. Then we take it over to the main studio and fine tune everything.

Lunar: Your tracks are reaching dancefloors all over the world. Who would you guys like to work with most?

Saeed: We were supposed to do a collaboration with Tenaglia. He's an idol.

Lunar: Where do you see yourselves in 2004?

Saeed: Doing the same thing, but I really want to see our label grow to a point where we could have solid artists to work with and manage. And production wise, I think if you have solid production everything will carry with that as far as DJing goes. They both work together toward success.

Lunar: What is your escape?

Saeed: (With a big smile) DJing man. I like to stay at home and hang with my girl, but my escape is DJing.

After Palash's set I got to talk to him and he spoke of how happy he was with the night's turn out. Palash mentioned their highly anticipated first album to be in stores in April. The album will be promoted at the WMC. If you are going to be in Miami, be sure to check out their party at Space. From all of us at Lunar we want to thank Saeed and Palash for a memorable evening of sound and company.

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Mixed by Saeed & Palash

Disc 1:

  1. G-Pal Feat. Anna Maria X - Ocean Of Blue
  2. Noel Sanger - Toward The One
  3. BlackWatch pres. Professor Okku - Word Unspoken (DeVol Remix)
  4. UDG - Give Me Fierce
  5. Peter Bailey - U Need It (Saeed & Palash "Locked in the Groove" mix)
  6. Lee Coombs - Tribal Tension
  7. Element N - Forward (Freeloader mix)
  8. Sub Projects - Future
  9. Marcelo Castelli - Raices
  10. Circus Night - Amazonia
  11. Nick Dem Q - Write On
Disc 2:
  1. Revolt - Am I Still Dreamin?
  2. Steve Parry - Jawa
  3. Spartak - Swallows & Amazons [Dark Driver remix]
  4. Fabb'X - Driving License
  5. Althea McQueen - My Heart
  6. Sub Project - Space
  7. Lorient - Salvation [Luke fair remix]
  8. Kenny Shifter - Six
  9. Oliver Klein - Rheinkraft [Ian Wilkie remix]
  10. Dakota - Lost In Brixton
  11. Swain, Snell, and Lucas - We Need Space

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