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  Dave Ralph
by Toshia Sheets

Dave RalphLunar: When and why did you start DJ'ing?

Dave: I was 16 and disheartend with our local youth club. My friend and I thought we could do a better job and so we built a mobile rig from scratch...and so it began.

Lunar: Who were your influences?

Dave: I have never really had any infuences as far as DJ'ing is concerned. Sasha inspired me, but that came many years on.

Lunar: Do you remember the moment you realized this would be your career? And what did your parents think about that?

Dave: My parents have never really liked the fact that I made DJ'ing my career. It took them a long time to understand that it was here to stay. I really did not have any intentions of making it a career — it just turned out that way.

Lunar: If you weren't DJ'ing, what would you have done with your life? Where would you be now?

Dave: Probably still driving a truck in England.

Lunar: Where are your current residencies?

Dave: Buzz, Washington. Pure, Chicago. Evolution, Philly. Axis/Avalon, Boston.

Lunar: Where is your "paradise"? Is there a place you never want to leave or can't wait to get back to?

Dave: We just moved and so I can honestly say paradise is home. I have everything that I need right there. It took a long time to find our new home and so I really feel that there is no place on earth like it.

Lunar: Are you working on any projects right now? When will they be out?

Dave: As we have just moved, studio time is on hold but I will be starting work in November for some new things which will see light of day late next year.

Lunar: Living or dead, who would you like to work with, given the chance?

Dave Ralph Dave: John Lennon. Dave Gilmor (Pink Floyd). Peter Gabriel.

Lunar: Who's your hero? Why?

Dave: J.R.R Tolkien. He created a world (middle earth) which captured my immagination as a child and has me faoming at the mouth as an adult because they have just made a full length movie of Lord of the Rings.

Lunar: Do you have any regrets about your past? Is there anything you wish you could change?

Dave: I believe in never regretting anything you do.

Lunar: If you could only use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Dave: "Real." Lunar: Why did you choose that word?

Dave: Because I am.

Lunar: If you were a Muppet (yes, as in Jim Henson's Muppets)... who would you be & why?

Dave: Kermit...because my wife calls me "Kermit" and if you want to know why you will have to ask my wife!

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Naturalized cover art Naturalized
Compiled and mixed by Dave Ralph
Record Label:
Track Listing:
Disc One:

  1. Islands Of Light - Dave Ralph
  2. This is... - Moonwatcher
  3. Origins - Pat Foosheen
  4. Topfschlagen - Microwave Prince
  5. My Mind Is Going - Piece Process
  6. Multiple Cats - Slyder
  7. Muzikizum - X-Press 2
  8. The Devil - Indart, Wally & Kucho
  9. Counter Culture - Jurgen Dreissen
  10. Rheinkraft (Ian Wilkie Remix) - Oliver Klein
  11. Giggledropz - Dave Ralph
  12. Lost 22 (Dave Ralph's Resident Alien Mix) - Starecase

Disc Two:

  1. Stabilizer (Main Element Remix) - Graham Camp
  2. Ozone - Planisphere
  3. Coming From Another World - Walter Solo
  4. One For You - James Holden
  5. Psychomanteus (The Chemical Dangers Mix) - Manhattan
  6. Meet Me At The Love Parade (Pete Heller Mix) - Da Hool
  7. Star 69 - Fatboy Slim
  8. The Man With The Red Face (Jan Driver Mix) - Laurent Garnier
  9. Genesis - Cass
  10. Until The End Of The World - Deepsky
  11. Four Horsemen (Tilt's Subsonic Voice Mix) - Jay Welsh
  12. You Are Alive (Praha Mix) - Fragma
  13. Sinycho - Junkie XL

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