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by Scottie Blazin

PCSynergy is comprised of Phil Green and Scott Peterson (aka DJ Catharsis). They specialize in making deep music, and are most well known for their work on Imperial Dub Recordings. Originally from the Dallas underground scene (which has sparked talents like JT Donaldson, Lance Desardi, Jamie Thinnes, Brett Johnson, Demarkus Lewis, Spettro and others) they now reside in sunny Florida. With a host of new EPs and an all-original full-length mix CD coming out on Viva in the next few months, we're about to hear a lot more from PCSynergy.

PCSynergy Lunar: Is there a story behind the name "PCSynergy"?

PCSynergy: P = Phil Green. C = Catharsis (Scott Petersen). Sum is better than one, baby!! All great things in life are not done alone.

Lunar: When and how did you guys first link up?

PCSynergy: Originally inspired from the Dallas undergound and now residing on the sunny beaches of Northern Florida, PCSynergy's (P) Phil Green and Scott Petersen, DJ Catharsis (C) have embraced their purpose of making "deep" music. We are a Producer/DJ duo. We met and started spinning and making tracks together as a result of Phil moving to Jacksonville to build and run his own recording studio, Jax Traxx, which is dedicated to electronic music. Phil opened Jax Traxx with a close friend, Scott Collins whom he met while "gettin the skillz" at Full Sail Engineering School in Orlando.

Lunar: Full Sail, nice. So you guys are from Dallas too. What the fuck is in the water down there?

PCSynergy: We think all the producers and DJs in Dallas in the last 15 years have been loved and inspired by Clark (ed note: Clark Who?). He was and is the positive inspiration of the Dallas underground.

Lunar: You guys are all over the board with your music. You've got jazz in your house and downtempo tech-funk up your sleeves. It's all quite eclectic but cohesive. What kind of creative processes do you have?

PCSynergy: The processes never remain the same. We always push in new directions. So many people say, "what is your style?" Working with musicians, experimenting with the plethora of sounds; and solid programming is sort of our foundation. Phil loves "the bump" and I love the "heady jazz". We have had both premeditated ideas and just improv, inspired moments in the studio. Listening and honoring the past and the future is the main process.

Lunar: You guys are big on Pro Tools - why?

PCSynergy: Our thing is: you can't beat a Mac G4, and Phil is so talented on the digi-design. Pro Tools is what we have always used.

Lunar: Do you incorporate a lot of live instruments, or do you stick with MIDI and samples?

PCSynergy: We are blessed to work with live players. Samples are a fundamental element of underground electronic music as well. We tend to sample with respect and not straight bite, you dig, little morph here, little filter there.

Lunar: What are some of your early influences?

PCSynergy: Mr. Fingers, Todd Terry, Malcom McLaren, Krush, MAW, Fila Brazilia, Kevin Yost, Johnny Fiasco—so many!!

Lunar: Who influences you now? Who is putting out the hottest house/downbeat tracks at this moment?

PCSynergy: Dzihan & Kamien, Projections, Jazzanova, Om & Compost Camps, Funky Lowlives, Lawnchair Generals, Moulton Boys, King Britt, again: so, so many!!

Lunar: What is your take on electroclash?

PCSynergy: Say what?

Lunar: Good answer. How is the scene in Florida? Do you guys have difficulties finding an outlet for your music?

PCSynergy: Florida is tough for the deep end. Environment is so interesting when relating it to culture.

Lunar: Do you see 'electronic dance music' gaining popularity or going back underground?

PCSynergy: I think dance music has cycles like everything, moments on the mainstream, exploited rise, then decline, then attempts of re-invention. Bottom line there will always be an underground.

Lunar: You had some experience starting up a record label, Soul Support Recordings.

PCSynergy: Originally Soul Support was going to be a P&D through Imperial Dub, but that reality didn't pan out so we meditated a bit and decided to DIY with distribution help from IDR. It has been a patience-intensive journey. We have gained so much tangible experience regarding the mechanics of the music industry. We have a great new distribution channel in place for upcoming releases.The motive for the label is to release an eclectic catalog of House and Downtempo music. Soul Support will express the developing, inquisitive, PCSynergy sound along with an array of new artists and remixes.

Lunar: Tell me about your new album coming out on Viva.

PCSynergy: Deep Down. The album is an all original 11 track, mix cd containing selections of house and downbeat material focusing on "live instrumentation" from spontaneous sessions with jazz musicians. We are very proud of it and hope people enjoy the spectrum of the recording. It should be out after Thanksgiving.

Lunar: What's next for PCSynergy?

PCSynergy: We just had an amazing session with Longineu Parsons. He is a Ubiquity recording artist who blessed us with some flute and trumpet bizzness. We hope to have some amazing tracks evolve from that interaction. We have two 12"s coming out soon. "Only One" on Robsoul Recordings/Paris with remixes by LLorca and East Coast Boogimen, and The Soul Kitty EP on Drenched Recordings/Manchester. Soul Support 002 is ready to go to press and hopefully will drop in early 2003. We are currently setting up tour dates for Deep Down. We hope to "keep on keepin on" by releasing more positive music and touring the world to simply share.

[inside the psyche of PCSynergy]

Lunar: Tia Carerre or Britney Spears?

PCSynergy: Tia

Lunar: Filet Mignon or TV Dinner?

PCSynergy: Filet Mignon

Lunar: Outback Steakhouse or Ruby Tuesdays?

PCSynergy: Outback

Lunar: Will and Grace or The Man Show?

PCSynergy: A little of both

Lunar: Conan or Leno?

PCSynergy: Letterman

Thanks to Phil and Scott for their time.


Anotherlatenight from Anotherlate night
mixed by Fila Brazilia
Track Listing:

  1. The Persuaders Theme - John Barry
  2. Firefly - Homelife
  3. Hero Theme - Infesticons
  4. Bucket Bottom - Prince Alla
  5. Get A Move On - Mr Scruff
  6. T Plays It Cool - Marvin Gaye
  7. Regiment - Brian Eno
  8. Its Not Too Beautiful - The Beta Band
  9. Rodney Yates - David Holmes
  10. Nature Boy - Fila Brazillia
  11. Nuclear Symphony - Unforscene
  12. Les Nuits - Nightmares On Wax
  13. Blue Skies - Outside
  14. Suspended - Kelis
  15. Prelude And Fufue In C Minor - The Swingle Sisters

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