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  Anthony Pappa
by Shannon Petrick

Anthony Pappa has just released the first CD in the Nu Breed Global Underground series, proving that he can hold his own with the A-list DJs. Atlanta was lucky enough to witness his incredible talent on June 4, 2000 when Mirage brought him to the Riviera. This interview took place minutes before he played his mindblowing set.

Shannon PetrickVital Stats
Name: Anthony Pappa
Birthdate: 15 November, 1973
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Marital Status: single
Years DJing: 13
Favorite all-time tracks: Future Sound of London's "Papua New Guinea" and Massive Attack's "Unfinished Symphony"
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Mixed CDs: "I like the early Northern Exposure CDs. I think the first Renaissance CD is a classic. I also like the John Digweed Hong Kong [Global Underground] and the Sasha San Francisco [Global Underground].
Influences: "Ummmmm...probably John and Sasha...Dave Seaman."

Lunar: So, you're from Australia...where do you live now?

Anthony: I live in England now.

Lunar: What part of England? Anthony: It's's northwest of London, a half hour away [from London].

Lunar: How do you feel the scene differs in Australia, England and the United States?

Anthony Pappa Anthony: It used to differ a doesn't anymore. I think that the scene has grown so much everywhere that the parties are just good everywhere now. Um, I played in Australia to 16,000 people, New Year's Eve. Everywhere I play in America is positive...really good. If anything, I think England's got a bit more experience because the scene's been there a lot longer, but I think Australia and America have caught up really there's not that much difference anymore.

Lunar: Where do you have residencies at?

Anthony: Well, I don't really have any residencies....

Lunar: Don't you have one at Renaissance [England]?

Anthony: Yeah...but it's only like, once every second month so I don't even think it's regular enough to call it a residency. I guess [I have] a residency everywhere, every week.

Lunar: So you've played at Twilo?

Anthony: Yes...

Lunar: And how do you like Twilo?

Anthony: Oh, I love it! It's a great club...I'm playing there again in August.

Lunar: What are your favorite clubs to play?

Anthony: Twilo would be one...Zuke in Singapore...

Lunar: Let me guess...Space in Ibiza?

Anthony: (laughs) No...but there's a better one in Budapest, which is amazing. I like playing in Mexico...I love playing the big parties in, Spundae....

Lunar: Your Nu Breed Global Underground has sold out in most major Atlanta music stores. How do you feel about the success of it?

Anthony: I didn't even realize that it was doing as well as it was. I knew it's been selling good but I didn't think it's been that good.

Lunar: I was blown away the first time I heard it.

Anthony: Thank you! I was really happy with it.

Lunar: Can you explain to everyone what direction you think Global Underground is trying to go with the Nu Breed series?

Anthony: I think they're just trying to raise people's awareness of a different group of DJs that are just as good as the big name DJs but haven't gotten the same recognition. So, it's like, we're trying to get people to check out these guys [the lesser known DJs] and hopefully their profile will become as big as the other guys and eventually we'll all be doing the same thing.

Lunar: So how did you start DJing?

Anthony: I just started doing friends' birthday parties and small parties...

Lunar: But your father wanted you to be something else, didn't he?

Anthony: He wanted me to be a drummer...but I mean, he's happy now. I've gone on with what I wanted to do and proved him wrong.

Lunar: Do you have any advice for upcoming DJs?

Anthony: Work hard...stay with it. I mean, I've been playing for thirteen years and it's only recently been giving me the award that I've worked so hard for.

Lunar: So basically, don't get in it for the money...don't get in it for the girls, just do it for yourself.

Anthony: Exactly. You know, if you really want to do it, do it and stick with it. Create your own thing and be different but stay with it because it takes time.

Please check out Anthony Pappa at future Mirage events this year.

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Global Underground: Nu Breed Global Underground: Nu Breed
Compiled and mixed by Anthony Pappa
Record Label:
Studio K7/Boxed/Nu Breed
Track Listing:
Disc: 1

  1. Conditions - Narcotik
  2. Syncronised Knowledge - Moonface
  3. Sorry Mate, You've Got The Wrong House - Two Right Wrongans
  4. Better Make Room - Timo Mas Pres Mad Dogs (James Holden remix)
  5. Are U Tranqualized - Pascal FEOS (Timo Maas mix)
  6. Here And Now - Sloth & Dormant (EBE remix)
  7. Barrier - Sphere
  8. Roaches - Trancesetters (Peace Division remix)
  9. Airacobra - Madway
  10. Moments Of Space - Odessi
  11. Welcome To The Future - Nova (Humate mix)
  12. Boomerang - Dune (Quivvers Boom Q mix)

Disc 2:

  1. Tunneling - Chab
  2. Overactive - Moonface
  3. Burning Man - (Gee Shock remix)
  4. Area 51 - Interflow 4
  5. Vanguard - C. Smith/J. Selway
  6. Fuel - Rhythm Rains
  7. Sensor - Steve Porter
  8. Emotion Surfer - Cass (hyperion remix)
  9. Liquid Sun - Astral Projection (Cass & Slide remix)
  10. Fathoms - Corellian (Freelance Icebreakers remix)
  11. Heavy Water - ASAP
  12. Theme From Wide Angle - Hybrid (Dark Skies remix)
  13. Lydian & The Dinosaur - Hi-Fi Bugs

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