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by Jason and Sabrina Weil

This interview took place at the Westend Warehouse, where Solid Productions hosted Presence on May 15, 1999.

Lunar: Can you give us a little background on yourself and how you got involved in DJing?

Overload in the MixOverload: I've been DJing for about 10 years now. When I first started spinning there was no such thing as jungle or drum and bass, and what really got me into dance music was Industrial. So I started off spinning Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, stuff like that. From there I started getting into more of the techno-bass new beat or Belgium beat...from there music just kept progressing and progressing, and there was a lot of good stuff being produced in the UK, and then that eventually transformed into early breaks.

Lunar: How have you seen the progression of jungle music in the past few years? To us it's been amazing, especially here in Atlanta. Where do you see it coming from and where do you see it going?

Overload: Myself, I always see it constantly progressing. It's always changing. What's big one year can become completely passé. It's definitely changed to more techno oriented, a lot more synthetic sounding...really technical. I guess it will go up more to the next level.

Lunar: Something that's interesting to us is how it seems like a lot of mainstream media venues are picking up electronica and jungle, especially jungle. It's in all the cutting-edge car commercials. How do you feel about that?

Overload: In a way it's good, because people who normally wouldn't be exposed to this type of music are now exposed to it, but at the same time the music that they are playing isn't really what's being presented today. It's a lot older sounding than the times.

Lunar: Do you think it is generally a good thing though?

Overload: I would say it's definitely generally a good thing because people aren't going to get into the music [if they aren't exposed to it]; by getting the music you are exposed to it, if people aren't exposed to it then we wouldn't have the scene that we have today.

Lunar: Do you just DJ out or are you involved in other projects? Do you do any producing or work in a record shop?

Overload: I used to work at a record store when I lived in Boston, but since I moved down to DC I haven't been working at a record store. I've been thinking about getting a studio together. Right now I'm not producing anything — but I foresee that in the future.

Lunar: How is the whole fallout of the Buzz thing going? Is it hurting DC, having a negative impact on DC?

Overload: Oh yeah, it definitely is. For one thing it's the nation's capital...President Clinton is all about anti-drug and it just doesn't look good at all for the city or for the country for that matter, because the President lives there. Do you guys know how it was all exposed?

Lunar: Yeah...on the local FOX station....

Overload: Then the day after that the new mayor went on TV and said, "I couldn't believe this was happenening in our town and this is not going to happen anymore...I'm going to put a stop to it as well as all raves" it doesn't look too good.

Lunar: Do you have any suggestions as to what people can do to help keep things like that from happening in the first place? And to counteract the negative effects that these unfair media portrayals are having on our scene?

Overload: Some people could think it is unfair, but at the same time you get all these people coming out to parties who are, you know...unless these people get a clue or can contain their habits....

Lunar: Act smarter....

Overload: I really don't see how it is going to get better unless those people actually do something about it themselves.

Lunar: Is the scene young up there or is it older people?

Overload: It really depends on the night, like Buzz is all young kids now and primarily that is where you get a lot of the problems. Like some of the club nights when it is 21+ or 18+ — you don't get as many people going out and getting trashed.

Lunar: Is there anything else you want to add for the people of Atlanta to know about you?

Overload: This is my first time here, and I had a great time tonight.

Lunar: Do you spin out a lot across the country?

Overload: Occasionally. I do the 9 to 5 thing so it gets kinda tough. You can't really get up and go during the week.

Lunar: What do you do during the day?

Overload: Software testing.

Techies, unite! We certainly hope Overload can take some time from the 9 to 5 grind to visit Atlanta again soon.

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