Oliver Lieb Interview
by Brett Abramson

Oliver Lieb is one of the most prolific producers in EDM history. Under numerous monikers such as L.S.G., The Ambush, and Ivan, Lieb has created a countless number of timeless and inventive tracks. His sounds run the spectrum of electronic music, ranging from full-on trance to lush downtempo. The quality of production is never compromised, even though he seems to churn out new works with the greatest of ease. With Lieb's newest release, The Best Of L.S.G.: The Singles Reworked, he has retooled the structure and tempo of some of his most famous tracks, while maintaining the vibe of the originals.

Lunar: Tell us about your new CD, The Best Of L.S.G.: The Singles Reworked, and why you chose to update certain classic tracks of yours.

Oliver Lieb Lieb: Since the times are not very good at the moment, and [due to] the change of distribution of Superstition, the already finished new album for LSG was decided to [be] put back and see if the market can handle a Best Of. Since I didn't just want to put the already released stuff on there, I decided to pick all the tracks that came out on vinyl only and do a one go mix with them...

Lunar: How would you describe your wide-ranging sound as an artist?

Lieb: I would just call it electronic music...

Lunar: Your styles range from downtempo to tech-house to trance. Do you consciously make an effort to run the gamut of sounds, or does this just naturally occur as a part of the creative process? Why do you think so many artists stick to one "safe" formula?

Into Deep Lieb: I don't know about others... but I have to say something in all these genres and I feel like trying new stuff...

Lunar: I think that your Into Deep CD is one of the most brilliant electronic music albums of all time. What is your favorite work and why?

Lieb: I always like my last production I just finished... until I do the next one.

Lunar: What hardware and software do you use in the studio?

Lieb: For software... at the moment it's Logic with Pro Tools Mix and some plug ins like Absynth 2, Oxford EQs, Spectral Delay. Hardware is always changing... at the moment it's the EX5rs. I use [this] often and the Nord 2&3 and Nordmodular, as well as the Fs1r and VL1.

Lunar: Why do we not hear you play in the U.S. more often, either as a DJ or live P.A.?

Lieb: I am mainly a producer... deejaying is not three times a week. So most of the time I come over for tours since the smaller club can't pay for everything to come for just one day... The last two times the tours had to be cancelled because of stupid VISA reasons, and so there was a big gap since I planned to be there once a year.

Lunar: What are your musical influences, in and out of the electronic music field?

Lieb: I started when there was only a few people around that did this kind of stuff. But all the early stuff of Pink Floyd, Yello, Peter Gabriel, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre was really blowing me away.

Lunar: What are your thoughts on the current state of the dance music industry and the implications of file sharing on artists and labels?

Lieb: The actual scene is really down. Everything still sounds the same like it did months and years ago. Only little changes wear out the same sounds, and so the former "underground" has been taken over sound-wise by the more commercial stuff. I understand that the people don't go to the clubs that often anymore... possibly because of the same reason... they don't hear anything new anymore and have to pay ridiculous prices for cheap setups and DJs that don't really do something special.

The downloads to me only affect the really big mainstream acts. In the "dance" scene the people are more into the actual music and have to sometimes hunt down new releases since the distribution is not that strong. I can fully understand that they are not willing to wait weeks and months for some new release and then finally pay ridiculous import prices... so they might just download and see if its worth the money. I would compare it to tape decks years ago. You might get something from somewhere... but if it is really good, you want the full quality-sounding album with cover and everything original.

Lunar: What is something we may not know about you?

Lieb: I just finished some music for a film...the "pop score" in there, not just some tracks. The movie is called Alone in the Dark and comes [out] late this year in the USA and Canada. [The movie] features Christian Slater, Stephen Dorff and Tara Reid.

Also I am planning to move to LA late this summer.

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  1. Hearts
  2. Blueprint
  3. Shecan
  4. My Time Is Yours
  5. The Train of Thought
  6. Transmutation
  7. Cubic
  8. Netherworld
  9. Risin'
Disc 2:
  1. Fragile (Part 3)
  2. Hearts (Part 2)
  3. Netherworld (Vinyl Cut)
  4. The Hidden Sun of Venus (Oliver Lieb Remix)
  5. Transmutation 2
  6. My Time is Yours (Club Mix)
  7. Hearts
  8. Blueprint - Version 1
  9. Odyssey (Single Version)
  10. Fragile (Gravity Fools the Magician Remix)

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