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  Sean O'Hara
by Sabrina Sexton Weil

In anticipation of Sean O'Hara's appearance at Pleazure's Connected 2000 on March 25, we spoke with DJ Rap's younger brother about a Brit's view of the States and what he's like as a dj.

Sabrina Sexton WeilLunar: How did you start djing?

Sean: I started djing about seven years ago, when all my friends told me I always had a different appreciation for club music. I didn't care about what was going on around me. I always listened to what was in music and how it was put together.

Lunar: What style music did you start playing when you were just beginning?

Sean: It was progressive house, and always will be. To me, it's the most meaningful uplifting music there is...somehow it always connects with everyone around you.

Lunar: How has your style developed?

Sean: The only changes I have noticed is that I now throw in a lot of vocals. People really love that, and when I see the crowd having a great time, that keeps me going and [makes me] want to do anything to keep them having a great time on the dance floor.

Lunar: What differences do you see in the scene in England and the scene in the U.S.?

Sean: The club scene in England seems to be much more open — you go, do what you want and nobody cares. Everyone's there to listen to amazing music and have a good time...the vibe is out of this world. Over here it's almost like it's a crime to actually enjoy yourself in a lot of places. I don't care though, cause whenever I'm in a club it's my goal to make sure everyone's enjoying themselves as much as they can.

Lunar: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Sean: In five years I will be spinning all over the U.S and the rest of the world. Also I hope to have my own nightclub. Right now the destination is unknown...I've seen a lot of the U.S. but don't really know where I want my base to be. Atlanta is a pretty cool city!

Lunar: How do you think the Internet has affected what you do?

Sean: I'm actually not too smart when it comes to all that stuff. I know it can do a lot for me; I just haven't figured it all out yet. I can't be great at everything — I'll just stay focused on my music. Lunar: What are your current projects?

Sean: Right now I'm working on establishing residencies all over the southeastern United States for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly events. I guess my lifetime project would be playing the best music and watching everyone enjoy what I'm doing.

Lunar: How do you prepare for a dj set?

Sean: Practice makes perfect. I do that and usually try to get some new stuff before each set, this way it keeps me waiting for those new tunes and waiting for the next awesome mix. Also I invite a ton of friends over to listen to what I'm gonna play.

Lunar: What can people expect when they hear you dj?

Sean: Everyone should expect only the best, as they should from any dj. I can honestly say that when I play everyone should expect the best music and every song is better than the last one so expect to be dancing all night.

Lunar: Is there anything else you'd like the readers of Lunar to know about you?

Sean: Only that I greatly appreciate there support as do all djs, and whenever they see me they won't be disappointed. I consider myself among the best in what I do and they will see, hear and understand why. See you all at Connected!

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