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  DJ Odi
by Chanté LaGon

This interview took place on January 12, 2000, in anticipation of Odi's gig that weekend.

Chante LaGon Lunar: What can the Atlanta massive expect from you at Enchantment on January 15?

Odi: On January 15 the G-Force Crew is going to try and bring a little NY flava to the ATL. I've been involved in the ATL jungle scene for a long time and felt that it was time to introduce ATL to my crew and our brand of party! Just a bunch of friends having fun playing records!

Lunar: Tell us about your residency at The Vault and your other ATL connections.

Odi: I've been a resident at the Vault for Reverb for about 6 months and I enjoy it a lot. Atlanta has always been like a second home and it is where I feel the most comfortable because of my relationships with the Rydim Ryderz and the old school Satellite crew. They always treated me like one of the family, and I respect that. Plus the women down here are dope!

Lunar: What is it about the ATL scene that keeps you in touch?

Odi: I think the think the ATL scene has always been young and different because there is no distinction between Jungle and rave like in other cities. In the ATL you get the same kids supporting the Jungle parties as well as the raves, and that helps things move foward. It also keeps me coming back 'cause I know that I'll always see peeps I know and I respect.

Lunar: How is the G-Force Invasion Tour coming? Any memorable stops so far?

Odi: So far the tour has been rocking! We just did Konkrete Jungle in NYC and blew the house down, but I have a feeling Atlanta is going to definitely be the spot as far as big things go! I'm looking foward to seeing how ATL reacts to our vibe and the way we do our thing.

Lunar: What are some of the main differences in the Up North scene compared to Down South?

Odi: There aren't many differences other than that the Southen kids talk different!... No, seriously, the rave scene in general is now a statewide thing and the if the vibe is right, then the party will be runnin' regardless! Oh yeah, and the girls dress in less things down here, which is a plus!

Lunar: In your experience, is there a lot of rivalry between the Jungle and drum and bass crews in New York?

Odi: In the NYC there isn't a rivalry, it's more of we all deal with each other because we all know that we need to move the music forward and fighting won't help that.

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