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  The Art of the Chill-out Room
by Jason and Sabrina Weil

Jason and Sabrina WeilIn the Tabernacle's Artists Lounge, the 20Hz Cartel crew showed Atlanta how to chill. Mirage's event on February 27, 1999, gave the chill-out room pioneers an excellent showcase for their talent and creativity. The 20Hz Cartel utilized their budget wisely, enhancing their "little vibrational experiment" with wild decorations and electronic audio and visual stimulations.

The lavish room was decked out from top to bottom — literally. The ceiling was hung with flowers and greenery juxtaposed on urban, military-like netting. Glowing circles weaved their way across the ceiling, like extraterrestrial toys.

Mary chilling outAn ornately carved wooden bar dressed the middle of the room, the bartenders backlit by mood lighting. Mike Connor of Peachtree City commented that a lot of the appeal of this chill-out room was the venue itself. A bar like this could not be found at many other venues in Atlanta.

No concrete floors for resting this evening. Plush Oriental rugs were scattered about the room to provide weary dancers rest. Antique furniture was even more comfy, but snagging a place on a couch or armchair can be more difficult than I-285 at rush hour.

Esoteric provided enticing visuals, including one projection that resembled a kaleidoscope of velvety textures and jewel tones. This was Esoteric's second time at a 20Hz Cartel chill-out, and they left the crowd wanting more.

DJ Phil The music was, in classic 20Hz style, a beautiful medley of downtempo drum and bass and dub. One clever aspect of the "aural backdrop" that several people appreciated: the volume was deliberately kept low so that conversations could happen without SHOUTING. Man, was that smart.

Bobble Even though a lot of the crowd smoked throughout the venue, the Tabernacle security enforced the management's no smoking policy in the Artists Lounge. Non-smokers were thrilled to have a smoke-free zone that they could escape to at any point in the evening. There were a few complaints from smokers, but with a venue as large as the Tabernacle, they could easily find someplace else to smoke.

The 20Hz Cartel took advantage of the cigarette smoke-free air to promote a more pleasant scent...using aromatherapy. They carefully picked the scents to enhance various emotions.

Just chillin'. From the decorations to the music, and the visuals to the handpicked scents, it was evident that the 20Hz Cartel put a lot of thought and effort into making this chill-out experience the best Atlanta had ever seen.

They succeeded.

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