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by Nikole Vines

Meeting DJ Messiah was, well, an experience, and a somewhat difficult one at that. It took me two whole parties, a week apart from each, and both at the Globe, to finally come in contact with Messiah. And when the moment had come, we ended up sitting on top of the bar just before the party would end yelling in each other's ears over the loud music. It was not as "intimate" as I had hoped, but most things don't turn out the way you had originally planned. If I learned anything at all about Messiah that night, it was that he is extremely nice, a seemingly down to earth person, and just a little least that's how he likes to put it!

Messiah: Hey! You must be Nikole, right?

Lunar: That's me! It's great to finally meet you!

Messiah: Yeah. I'm so sorry about the confusion last weekend. That was my fault. Forgive me?

Lunar: (laughs) We'll see. Is there anything you need to do before we get started?

Messiah: Actually, yeah there is. (Turns around and jumps up to sit down on the bar.) Come on, get up here.

Lunar: (After sitting down.) Okay, why don't we start off with the basics?

Messiah: Sounds good.

Lunar: The most obvious question: How did you get started into DJing?

Messiah: Well, when I was about thirteen, some friends and I started a little hip-hop type group and I was the DJ. We did that for a while, until we realized that we were white. But, it gave me a lot of early practice that paid off in the long run.

Lunar: Do you think that if the whole hip-hop thing had never happened, that you would have chosen the same "career"?

Messiah: Not a chance. We were mainly trying to be cool in the beginning. It really made me believe that everything does happen for a reason.

Lunar: Now, I've heard both of your CDs, and I honestly think that they're both great. Especially Enter the Millennium. I love that one. Was making them different in any way?

Messiah: Oh definitely. I think I really experimented more on Enter the Millennium. My first CD, which was self-titled, was really more mechanical. I didn't know what kind of sound I wanted to have come across when I made that. But it was a learning experience, as was ETM.

Lunar: Also, they're both trance. Did you always want to spin to trance, or did it just kind of work out best that way?

Messiah: I've always loved trance. So, yeah, I guess trance has always been it for me. But, on my own time, I like to play around with breaks sometime. I don't know if I'd ever want to spin breaks at a party, but they're a lot of fun.

Lunar: What's your favorite part of being a DJ?

Messiah: God...there are so many things to choose from. I love traveling. It's always great meeting so many new people. But, I think the best part is when I'm playing one of my favorite tracks, I look out on the dance floor, and it's just packed. Almost all the kids are dancing their hearts out, and the ones that aren't dancing are looking up at me with that euphoric look on their face. You know the look I mean! I sometimes have to take a second to realize that I'm responsible for the way these kids are feeling. It's just....

Lunar: Indescribable?

Messiah: Good call!

Lunar: With the way that things are going now, ETM is doing great, and you're a part of the UFO tour, where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Messiah: Did you catch my set tonight?

Lunar: Of course.

Messiah: Take that, then multiply it by ten or twenty. I'm still gonna be givin' it all I got, as cheesy as that sounds. Sometimes I think about that too, and I can actually picture myself when I'm 70 or 80 still up behind the tables. So, being a DJ is pretty much it for me.

Lunar: Do you think there will ever be a time when you start calling yourself "Superstar DJ Messiah"?

Messiah: (laughs, a lot) NO WAY! Never...well, hmmm. Now that I think about it, who knows? Anything's possible. (smiles)

Lunar: Earlier I mentioned the UFO tour. How's that going?

Messiah: It's great. I love the guys. They're so much fun to be around and play parties with. I think we keep each other motivated sometimes.

Lunar: Oh really. How's that?

Messiah: Well, let's just say that some of us can be kinda lazy sometimes. ::cough, SUBLIMINAL, cough, cough:: (laughs)

Lunar: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me.

Messiah: Oh, no problem. It was fun.

Lunar: Is there anything else you'd like the Lunar readers to know about?

Messiah: Let's see...definitely keep an eye out for the UFO tour, um, Subliminal's not THAT lazy, ::cough, BULLSHIT, cough, cough::, and I think everyone should know that you're cool as hell.

Lunar: Awww, thank you!

Messiah: You're welcome. Oh, when am I getting paid for this thing?

Lunar: Ummmmm...well....

Messiah: AH-HA! I knew it! My lawyer will be in touch with you! (laughs, and walks away)

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