Mark Farina Interview
by Sterling McGarvey

Mark Farina
press photo by Jesse Goff
Atlanta seems to have a thing for Mark Farina. Judging by the growing crowds at his shows, no one seems to have grown tired of him. Lunar got a chance to speak with Farina shortly before his tour in support of his CD, the airline-themed Air Farina, which highlights the deep house and hip-hop he's producing when he's not on the road. Here's a few brief blurbs from the man himself regarding hip-house, Atlanta dining, and why he still doesn't have a residency here.

Lunar: Most DJs have an airtight schedule when they tour. Do you ever have time to hit any favorite spots when you're in Atlanta?

Mark Farina: I like the Little Five Points area. I also enjoy the Flying Biscuit Café for breakfast; if weather permits walking from there over to Little Five Points, it's always a nice stroll. I always check out Satellite Records when I get the chance. I always like to fly over Stone Mountain, although I've never actually gone there; I hear it's kind of creepy.

Mark Farina Lunar: Why the airport motif for the new CD?

Mark Farina: I spend a lot of time traveling, and I've always been into airplanes and airports since I was a kid. Air travel has gotten so serious lately; I wanted to try and put a little fun back into flying.

Lunar: Considering the frequency that you've played Atlanta, have you contemplated the possibility of a residency?

Mark Farina: I would consider it, but being so close to the guys from Yin-Yang (now Apache Café) and Kaya (now Vision), it's been hard to re-establish a residency type of thing with anybody else in Atlanta.

Lunar: What do you find in Atlanta audiences that you can't find anywhere else?

Mark Farina: I see an openness to tempo changes and a strong appreciation of the funk, wherever its source.

Lunar: You seem to be pushing more hip-hop flavored house as of late. Is it something you're doing everywhere, or is it a nod to one of America's hip-hop capitals? Got any particular tracks that you're currently playing out?

Mark Farina: The crowd in Atlanta is more hip-hop appreciative than other areas. I played in Belgium and you're not really sure if they understand the history of certain hip-hop tracks. I find it's something I can do in America because there's such a strong African-American music culture. But once you travel to regions that don't have that musical history, it changes the effects of things. I'm currently playing a Floetry bootleg mix I did; also I've been using acapellas from De la Soul, Method Man and Jurassic 5, just to name a few.

Lunar: Someone who's never heard of you stumbles upon the club. What do you hope to leave that person saying at the end of the night?

Mark Farina: "I don't know if I've ever heard stuff like that before, but it was pretty cool."


Mark Farina - Air Farina
Air Farina from Track Listing:

  1. Take Off
  2. Love Makes
  3. Layover 1
  4. Betcha Do
  5. Leaving SF (Ft Lance Desardi)
  6. To Do (Ft Kaskade)
  7. Talk To Me
  8. Layover 2
  9. Dream Machine (Ft Sean Hayes)
  10. Layover 3
  11. Fusbol
  12. Dropped Into Water
  13. We Gotta Get
  14. Gramma So
  15. Gramma Si (Late Night Mix)
  16. Layover 4
  17. Travel (Ft People Under The Stairs)
  18. Layover 5
  19. Radio (Lost Baggage Mix)

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