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  Timo Maas
by Sterling McGarvey

Timo Maas has stepped up to the next level. 2000 was considered by many Dance Music luminaries to be "The Year of Timo Maas." His remix of Azzido Da Bass' "Doom's Night" crossed the firm delineations of DJs and their respective genres (from Progressive House jocks to UK Garage DJs), which is a feat accomplished by few producers. In 2002, Timo is pushing his unique breakbeat-influenced sound on his full-length album, Loud. Featuring such artists as Kelis, MC Chickaboo, and Finley Quaye—Loud is a culmination of Timo's recognizable sonic trademarks: skipping beats, dark, driving synths, and bottomless basslines. Timo has been touring America promoting the album. Lunar got a chance to catch up with him again briefly via e-mail during his tour just prior to his stop in Atlanta at eleven50.

Lunar: How did you end up working with Kelis and MC Chickaboo on "Help Me" and "Shifter," respectively?

Timo Maas: Chickaboo we started working with because she is my manager's girlfriend's MC, and we all met up and hit it off. Kelis we wanted to work with anyway, and she was touring Germany around the same time as we were writing the album, and it all fell together nicely.

Lunar: "Manga," in particular, is a very dark, driving track. Some American DJs have commented that Progressive House as a genre will begin turning away from darker sounds in the wake of September 11th and its effects on American morale? Do you agree with this, or do you see the music staying relatively dark?

Timo Maas: Hopefully, a political reason will never change the sort of music we make. I never thought about it, Music is music!!!!

Lunar: Did you pick a Radio Edit of "Ubik" for time constraint purposes? Why this edit of the track instead of other mixes of it?

Timo Maas: Because, for me personally, it's simply the best version for an album.

Lunar: Your hits have commonly been referred to as having a "wet funk" style. Do you feel that this is an accurate description of your sonic endeavors?

Timo Maas: To be honest...that's just journalism, and music can never really be described. We just produce music we like, simple as that!!!

Lunar: 2000 was built up to be "the year of Timo Maas." How do you feel about having such an achievement put on your shoulders, and do you feel that your fame has affected your production?

Timo Maas: We found a way, producing, programming, which is not really affected by anything else other than our ideas. We've all been doing the stuff for a long while. The long experience helps a lot to sort everything out without too much pressure.

Lunar: Do you feel that Loud is an album that will finally bring your name to the casual dance music listener?

Timo Maas: Why not? The music is open minded enough to attract even more people, than it has already done…

Lunar: What were your favorite Miami tunes?

Timo Maas: M-Factor -"Mother" and Starecase "Faith."

Lunar: What can we expect from your upcoming US tour?

Timo Maas: Some crazy parties, I hope. I've done a few US tours now and they're always fantastic fun.

Lunar: Having visited Atlanta twice in the past year and a half, what is your impression of it?

Timo Maas: So far, so good…I haven't seen so much of it, to be honest, but the parties have always been fine and I like the people.

Special thanks to Sue Marcus at Stunt Company for arranging the interview.

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Loud from Loud
Track Listing:

  1. Help Me
  2. Manga
  3. Hash Driven
  4. Shifter
  5. Hard Life
  6. That's How I've Been Dancin'
  7. We Are Nothing
  8. Old School Vibes
  9. O.C.B.
  10. To Get Down
  11. Ubik (The Breaks)
  12. Like Love
  13. Caravan
  14. Bad Days

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