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  Lee Burridge 365
by Brett Abramson

Lunar: 2005 has seen you take on a residency unlike any other, in which you stay for a month in numerous cities across the globe to totally immerse yourself in the local club culture and work with talented local producers. So what cities have you hit so far, and what are the highlights?

Lee Burridge: Hello to you too! Highlights.... hmmmmm. I'm already four cities in so there are actually loads to choose from. I guess the obvious first answer would be that I got to live with Bill Patrick while we were in Ibiza this Summer. While we were there our water stopped working inside the villa for a couple of days and the only way to keep clean was the fresh water tank outside with high pressure hose which I used to give Bill a prison type shower (he kept his shorts on by the way ((thanks god)). That was definitely a lowlight come to think of it. It's actually been awesome to work in the studio again and get some music made and also I just got back from a month in Florence, Italy. I played every Saturday at Tenax which is simply one of the coolest clubs around right now. It has such a mix of people that go there and they LOVE music. Highlight!

Lunar: Did you ever consider Atlanta as a prospect for residency? What are your thoughts on the ATL scene from your numerous appearances for Liquified over the past few years? Are there any local producers that you would like to work with in the studio?

Lee Burridge: I've only really planned the first two years of 365 and at present Atlanta isn't on the list but I am taking the tour into a third year, so why not! OK Atlanta, you’re on the short list. It's a healthy scene and there are always clued up people who come to the shows. It seems that there's always a lot going on with different styles which is a good thing in my opinion. If I were to come stay I think I'd have to go hang out with the uber cool Soco Records guys.

Lunar: How did you come to work with Sander Kleinenberg on the new mix CD, This Is Everybody! On Tour, considering that past volumes of this series were solely compiled by Sander? Any other comps in the conceptual stage?

Lee Burridge: Sander asked me if I wanted to join him for a sauna one day and I figured why not, it was 5pm already. I was a little afraid as Sander has a reputation for towel whipping you when you’re not looking but he seemed to be in a good mood that day. While in the sauna we decided that making a CD together would be a laugh and within three hours it was done. My next planned release is the ‘365’ CD which will be a double mix CD but will also include a CD of all the tracks finished during the first year of the tour with local producers from each city.

Fingers crossed that is!

Lunar: How was your Love Parade San Francisco experience this year?

Lee Burridge: Sick Sick Sick!! Everybody that reads this should put it in next year’s diary and go. It was amazing. The party the night before was super crazy and the street party rocked even though our sound system was shite!

Lunar: What are your thoughts on the current influx in DJs gravitating toward the tech-house sound that you have pushed for many years now? To what do you attribute this trend? Since you have always believed in pushing new sounds, do you feel a need to scout out new sonic frontiers? Or is it a case of simply playing what is good music to you, and the hell with what anyone else is doing?

Lee Burridge: I haven't got much idea what everybody else is doing as I'm always Djing but if they're playing music they like then that’s alright with me. I don't know what I play but I think tech house would describe a portion of my record box. I've been playing some Minimal stuff that’s not really that minimal, some techno when its time to bang it a bit, some more, dare I say, trancey stuff although it's not Ferry Corsten type trance but more the James Holden area as well as a whole load of other tracks that seem to defy genre. I love new sounds in music as opposed to familiar sounds. This keeps me interested in DJing, playing the records I like.

Lunar: Aside from the exploding talents such as Trentemoller and Robag Wruhme, who are some more obscure artists and/or DJs that are really inspiring you at the moment, even outside of the EDM realm?

Lee Burridge: Tobi Neumann is making super dope music right now. Lawrence is making deep gorgeous tracks under that name and also under Sten. Look out for Clap your hands say Yeah for some non electronic fun!

Lunar: On any given night, do you go to the club with a certain sound or musical flow in mind for your impending set, or just bring all styles and play as you go?

Lee Burridge: Its gotta be 'as it goes' for me. You never know where the nights going to start from the DJ before you. I rarely start with the same track and like to just go with how I'm feeling at the time and how the crowd is reacting. One thing I read sometimes when I visit chat rooms is that some people (always men!) don't feel the fact that I drop the energy of the night at times.

There's a real mindset that leans toward every record being bigger than the last and the whole night has to be a hands in the air anthem-fest. That’s too easy and too many other DJs play that way so I choose not to just bang it out. I don't really feel that way about a whole night. I think it's important to experience music in a different way sometimes. When it’s not all about the energy people tend to actually 'hear' the records a little more.

I'm not saying it’s bad to like nights that are all about a banging set but it's good to open up your minds a little as not all DJs play that way. I give massive respect to Ricardo [Villalobos], Luciano, Richie [Hawtin] and all the other DJs who don't pander to the crowd. Sure, not everyone likes it but it's the thing that keeps the music scene from getting stale. Wow…I gotta stop waffling!!

Lunar: While others go the route of all CDs or laptops, you seem to still be a vinyl proponent. Ever think you will leave the wax at home for good? Have you ever tried utilizing an Ableton-esque setup for a performance?

Lee Burridge: It's going to be great when I won't even have to go outside of my house ever again and I can simply think the music into your minds


I love vinyl but am thinking about using Serato or Final Scratch alongside records so I can take more music with me on tour as the next part of my 365 trip will see me traveling for five months. I'm going to have a shit load more records with me at every stop if I don't do something! Excess baggage is killing me. Ableton is going to be useful at some point but I'm not really seeing me moving onto it full time. I think it will be good for a few head fuck moments during long sets.

Lunar: What is something odd our readers probably don't know about each of you?

Lee Burridge: I'm a gay woman and my real name is Cynthia Steel

Lunar: Is bald really better?

Lee Burridge: 857 million men can't be wrong

Lee Burridge’s This is Everybody on Tour CD with Sander Kleinenberg is out now on Ultra Records.


Sander Kleinenberg & Lee Burridge - This Is Everybody On Tour
This Is Everybody Too On Tour from Disc 1:

  1. Our House(Papa Mix)/Pony
  2. Muscle Car(Dj T Remix)/Mylo featuring Freeform Five
  3. Until She Rises(Original)/Chris Lake
  4. Swordfight(Trent Cantrelle Remix)/Lower Eastside
  5. Lemon Sherbert(Original)/Jon Gurd
  6. Yeah Yeah(Pearn & Bridges Dub)/Bodyrocks
  7. Earthquake(Dan Sanders Remix)/Groovefire
  8. Dark Matter(Original)/West London Deep
  9. Bounce Back(Original)/Armin Van Buuren featuring DJ Remy
  10. Mr. Roboto(Original)/MV
  11. Nobody Never(Hamel & Jamieson's Audio Magnetics Remix)/2 Bit Pie
  12. Atto d'Amore(Dub)/Serge Santiago
  13. Look(Dub)/Robert Babicz
Disc 2:
  1. Livedriver(Sascha Funke Remix)/Ada
  2. Easy Ride(Original)/Tresca
  3. Closer(Original)/Riton Vs Howdi
  4. Acid In My Fridge(Original)/Dinky
  5. Extra Stop (Klaus Lindblad Und Hendrick Schwarz)/Must
  6. One Earth Beat(Gardner & Star's Rave Lizzard Remix)/Dum Dum
  7. Wanna Get Wet(Buick Project Remix)/Soul Mekanik
  8. Future Now(Tim Paris Remix)/DB Vs Tim Paris
  9. I Love You(Original)/Dirk Technic
  10. Du What U Du(TrentemˆLler Remix)/Yoshimoto
  11. Esplanade '97(Original)/Francisco featuring Adam Bourke
  12. The Dude(Original)/Afrilounge
  13. 2 Bullets(Original)/Michicoan

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