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  Catching up with Kazell
by Brett Abramson

Kazell is a DJ that has made a name for himself over the years through hard work and perseverance. Starting in England, then moving to Atlanta, and currently residing in Los Angeles, he has consistently worked with world-class promoters such as Liquified and Spundae. No matter where he plays, Kazell always seems to work a crowd into a frenzy. Aside from being a great DJ, he is a stand up guy and a tremendous asset to the dance music community.

KazellLunar:Where did the name Kazell come from?

Kazell: It's a combination of my first and last names, Kevin Bazell

Lunar:How would you describe your sound and style in terms of DJing?

Kazell: I like my sets to be a mission on the dancefloor. I prefer a tough, funky vibe that is heavy but uplifting at the same time. Anything with rhythm, soul, and punch.

Lunar:Considering its ever-changing nature, where do you see the sound of dance music heading?

Kazell: As much as dance music trends come and go, I still see the root elements of the various styles remaining constant. In the future I see the DJ incorporating more live musical elements in the mix as well as using technology to process cool edits of tracks.

Lunar:Being so popular in Atlanta, what made you decide to make the move to California?

Kazell: Even after establishing my first solid base in the US and having so many brilliant experiences and friends, I came to realize that I had to keep experiencing and move on.

Lunar:Do you miss living in the ATL sometimes?

Kazell: Yes. It's a magic city with a great music scene.

Lunar: How did you become involved with Liquified, and why do you think your relationship has remained so strong throughout the years?

Kazell: I met Damian, the main man behind Liquified over 10 years ago in Manchester. We had a lot of the same musical experiences in the scene there. Damian wanted to take what we had been a part of and develop it further in the US, and I loved the idea and joined up. Meeting with Devin and later Julie really helped solidify things in Atlanta - we're a very close family based on our mutual respect, musical ideas and friendship.

Lunar: How did you become involved with Spundae?

Kazell: Through my gigs in LA I met Neil, Peter and Guiv from Spundae. I admired their production style and the crowd energy at Spundae events. It was a great moment when they asked me to be their resident.

Lunar:How did the guest spot on John Digweed's Kiss FM come about?

Kazell: Years of bribery and carrying his records finally paid off!

Lunar:Do you have plans on producing in the near future?

Kazell: I have a small studio at my house in Venice Beach. I hope to have at least one of my tracks released this year.

Lunar: What tracks are huge for you right now?

Kazell: Anything by LA locals Amani and Teapot - It's brilliant; some of your mates can be your favorite producers. When I was in ATL I pickled up a couple of CDR's from Luis (DJ Logic - Rockwell) and Habersham & Numinous (Lunar Magazine), both really cool and forward thinking.

Lunar:Who have been your biggest influences outside of dance music?

Kazell: My Family and Friends, Comic Books, Reggae Music, Cool Films, Sunsets, God.

Lunar:Do you have any advice for aspiring DJs?

Kazell: Listen.

Lunar:What is something we may not know about you?

Kazell: I always whistle when I'm feeling guilty.

    For booking info on Kazell contact:
    At Large
    Michelle Levy
Thanks to Kazell and Mike Currey for setting up this interview with Lunar.

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Disc 1:

  1. Apollo Vibes - Pole Folder & CP
  2. Love In Traffic - Satoshi Tomiie
  3. Penetration - Madam
  4. Your Lovin' - Electric Tease
  5. Riding - Teimoso
  6. Music - Tatoine
  7. Paranoize - Bipath
  8. Mine To Give - Photek
  9. Groove Is In The Air - Tijuana
  10. Musica - Dirty Harry
  11. 1-800 Ming - Brothers Love Dubs
Disc 2:
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  2. Strapped - White Room
  3. My Release - Medway
  4. Adyssa - DJ Gogo
  5. Inner Laugh - Roland Klinkenberg
  6. The Fall - Way Out West
  7. One Last Time - Quivver
  8. Genesis - Cass
  9. Carnival XIII - Breeder
  10. One - Aria
  11. The Energy - Salt Tank

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