Junior Sanchez—South Beach, FL
by Kelly Hubertus

Approaching the hotel on Collins Ave. was a little hectic, but as I walked up the steps to the patio greeting Junior, I was immediately relaxed to find him chillin' with his friend and fellow electro-magnate, Felix Da Housecat. The day was hot and sticky, and it was time to go inside to cool off and have a little one on one with the Dirty, Dirty man himself, Junior Sanchez. After one hell of a wait for the elevator, we finally got to the room. Conference had a day and a half to go before it was officially over and I was able to get Junior's thoughts and views on the Conference, South Beach, music, and his upcoming projects.

Junior Sanchez (c) X-mix.com So far, during the week of Conference, music had seemed to be played over and over again like a, well... record. Maybe I had missed a couple new tracks at some parties I didn't attend or maybe the hottest was yet to be heard. "Honestly, I haven't heard... there's nothing that's stimulating me at all. The best parties are the DFA party, Arthur Baker's party, my best time was seeing the Rapture and L.C.D. live, and Peaches rocked it last night!" states Junior. That same night, Junior performed alongside Peaches, Rapture, and D.S.A. with his own band called Output at the Return to New York party. "We just got right in there, we didn't even get a sound check! It was all backed up and crazy. The P.A. was eight hours late, so we just jumped on! They held the door for two hours. We just plugged in and people just stormed in. So, we just started playing, it was pretty cool though!" Junior describes of the evening. Everyone has their favorite moments and memories of past Conferences in South Beach and Junior told us about his, "My favorite time at Conference was like five years ago or six years ago where it was at Fountainebleau. To me that was what Conference was about was hanging out at the pool at the Fountainebleau and just seeing all these people. Especially when I was younger I was like 'Yo! That's so and so' it was fucking awesome! It was like Oh my God! Yeah so that was it, just hangin out there and then going to the parties. Everyone just gathered at one place." Junior reminisces his previous Conference events, " I used to sneak in cause ya know, nobody bought badges or passes, you would just go around from the back of the beach and hop in and that was fun!" Of course there are always better parties than others,and there is that one party that will always stick to your mind and you will talk about it for years.

DFA Records Over the years, Conference has accumulated the essence of what now makes it Winter Music Conference; more parties. "Now it seems like there is just too many parties, you don't know what to do, where to go, it's just too much shit! You used to go to Magic Sessions, Masters at Work, and some like Detroit party. There just wasn't that many parties to go to. Although, this year has been dope." Sanchez continues, " This year I am just glad that there are bands playing. I mean, ya know, first year ever to perform with my band and this is only our third show and playing with the Rapture and the LCD Soundsystem was just awesome!" Already had being to several years of the Conference, Junior can compare and he goes on to tell where he sees the direction it is going in, " I think it's changing more. I think dance music used to be a little more liver, and what I mean by liver is definitely live! Not just twiddling knobs or something. If ya know how to play an instrument, play that shit!"

We also had to find out about Junior's recent and upcoming projects as well as his colleagues. Sanchez has successfully released Felix da Housecat's "Kittenz and Thee Glitz" on his own label, Cube Recordings, and with that being his first release he talks about other ones, " After "Kittenz and Thee Glitz". I released some stuff... the next single, "Riot Society" is myself and Laidback Luke, Then I did a remix on that too with Les Rhythemes Digitales of The Palace. We also released stuff from Steve Mack, Rhythm Masters, Laidback Luke and tons more material coming out. Ya know, it's a label I have fun with putting my boys' new stuff out." Sanchez is not only busy with his label, but he is also gonna be doing Princess Superstar Princess Superstar's next album. Recently, he has collaborated with many other successful artists. With his latest release, "Dirty Dirty House" Junior included several cuts from Miss Kitten and the Hacker, DJ Dan, Green Velvet, and Ladytron. Junior explains his style, "Well, I just wanted to do a mix CD that was fun, I mean if I could have it my way... it would have been crazier! It's just hard to license like a Boston song or E.L.O, I just wanna go like bananas and shit. It was a fun mix cd and we're gonna do more of em'. Like, I'm gonna get Felix to do the second one, and then I'll do a third one, and then I'll get Princess Superstar and Alexander to do one too." Ok, so whatever happened to the Mongoloid? Some of the phattest productions have spawned from the Mongoloid, and when asked what is happening, Junior said, " It's kinda like Wu-Tang, it's just kinda like chillin, in relax mode, but we wanna start doing another album, me and Armand did a couple of tracks, Sneak did a couple of tracks, and I also did one with the Jaxx. We are just waiting for the right time to put it all together and release it, cause everybody is just doin their own stuff. "

Does anyone remember when Junior played Atlanta last June? He closed out his set with The Strokes' "Last Night" and he is usually seen wearing some sort of punk/rock band t-shirt. That night, he was sportin' a CBGB shirt. When asked how punk and rock music has influenced his work today, he responded, "Uh I don't think Punk music really has, but it's just music in general. I love just good compositions, any good music. Good melody, that's what it is. It's not about a certain genre. If it's good it's good man. You can't deny good music. What I don't like is clichés and being pigeonholed doin this and that. Just do it! If you like it, play it! If you can dance to the music you are dancing to technically I call it dance music cause you're dancing that's it! Moving your body and dancing is dance music. It doesn't have to be four on the floor. I mean, a lot of people won't agree with me but that's my opinion. It doesn't mean it has to be house music to be dance music. People dance to every fucking form of music in the world! Ya know?" Junior also talked about some upcoming shows that he plans to do with his band Output, "Oh yeah, we plan on doing a lot of touring. What is funny is that I planned a certain amount of time touring with them and then stop cause I still wanna do some studio work, doing Princess Superstar's album. Like everything I do is electronic. Superstar's album is super electronic. It's pretty much myself and Stewart doing most of the record. I think Tommie Sunshine did one cut. Between that and the band, possibility of working with one super-duper mega hip-hop dude on one of his album cuts. It's gonna be crazy, so I am just gonna stay home and be working on stuff. I am gonna probably be doing one year of touring with the band though and then let them tour themselves."

With that said, we had to find out when Junior was planning on coming back to Atlanta, "Hah hopefully soon! I definitely wanna go back! I had a great time last visit. Ya know it's weird cause I had to refrain from going bu-zurrk, but they seemed a little bit more receptive and open minded cause usually places are like what the fuck are ya doin? Like, 'you can't do that' or 'Oh! We thought you played Deep house!' I'm like I play whatever I like! I don't know how people get that perception that I play a certain way."

Junior Sanchez has definitely made a name for himself and working with other big names like Armand Van Heldon and the Mongoloid, Roger Sanchez, and Felix Da Housecat there are many memorable tracks and performances. With more to come, be sure to look out for Junior Sanchez's new material, and shows.

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