DJ Icey Interview
by Susan Tomasco

Lunar: How do you keep DJing and producing interesting and avoid it turning into work?

Icey: If it is something you love to do, then you love to work. And I do love to work both DJing and in the studio. I have always loved music, so it is a great job for a music lover.

Lunar: Between an intimate club night and a massive one-off, which do you prefer?

Icey at Riviera Icey: I like clubs, always have. The massive one offs are few and far between for many years now. They can be fun on occasion, but a great vibey club with a good sound system - you can't beat it.

Lunar: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Icey: I loved construction trucks. I wanted to drive a front loader.

Lunar: If Icey today could give Icey at 18 one piece of advice, what would it be?

Icey: Don't ever get rid of any records! I had some great early house, new beat, alternative and acid house records that i got rid of years ago that I wish I had back!

Lunar: Who would you like to thank or what deserves the credit for influencing your decision to become a DJ/producer?

Icey at Riviera Icey: Dave Cannalte from Orlando was my inspiration for DJing; I was excited when he remixed my "Dreams" single with Neil Kolo last year. Dave Cannalte really was the catalyst for me. I would go see him every Wednesday and Monday night when he would spin wave and alternative and dance stuff, and he is an incredible DJ to this day. A very talented man.

Lunar: What would you like to see more of in dance music and/or the dance music industry? Less of?

Icey: I would like to see clubs take care of their sound systems, keep them tuned and working and sounding properly. It's such a shame to see a nice club with absolute shit sound and a club owner that could care less that his venue has horrible sound.

Lunar: Which 3 DJs/producers aside from yourself would you recommend to a new listener of dance music?

Icey: There's lots of good music happening everywhere. I would suggest to go out and explore a different night/musical format in the city you live in and experiment, go to different places, expose yourself to different music.

Lunar: What is your favorite record(s) of the moment?

Icey: JDS "Purple Funky Monkeys" (TCR). Rennie Pilgrem gave me this at the WMC this year. A housey breaks monster of a tune for the summer.

Lunar: If you ever end up on the cover of the National Enquirer, what would the headline be?

Icey: I am too boring in my spare time to make the Enquirer.

Lunar: Have you ever picked up the needle from the record you just mixed into, have a record run out on you, or any other incredibly embarrassing DJ moments?

Icey: Anybody who has DJ'd for any length of time has picked the needle up from the wrong record. I have seen all CD DJs stop the wrong CD player as well. That is just something that will happen at least once if you have enough hours under your belt spinning!

Thanks to Maya at System Recordings and Icey for taking time out to speak with Lunar.


DJ Icey - For The Love Of The Beat

Disc 1:

  1. Different Day
  2. Searching
  3. Naive Journey
  4. Future L
  5. Freaks in the House
  6. Dreams
  7. Sinewave
  8. Little Louder
  9. Groove Lick
  10. Slake
  11. Dim the Sky
  12. Electro Morning MMIII
  13. Cross Eyed Sally [Robotic Ragga Mix] [Video] [*] [Multimedia Track]

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