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  Huda Hudia
by Chanté LaGon

Chante LaGonBorn in Sao Paulo, DJ Huda Hudia (Dan Jorajuria), is one of the leading DJ's of Florida's dance music culture, and has performed his special blend of music throughout the United States and Canada. We caught up with him in the Atrium's chill room August 13, 1999, at the Friday da 13th party, thrown by Nuggz and 421 Entertainment. After clearing his throat, mentally preparing for this (painless) interview, and getting pumped up by some fans, here's what this master of many styles had to say.

Lunar: So, how do you like Atlanta so far?

Huda Hudia: Everything's good. I really enjoy coming to Atlanta every time. It's only been one party last year that really didn't go off too well for me.

Lunar: Why was that? Why didn't it go off well?

Huda Hudia: I don't know. From what I heard, when I got here, it was just bad promotion. No one even saw the flier. I think the day of the show a lot of people had just seen the flier. The promotions have a lot to do with it, and having the right night, that right flier, that right kind of vibe. It all has to come together. The good DJs and everything. But I think promotions play about 50 percent of the role and the other 50 percent is having the right DJs. And if you have only half, then you're not going to have a good party.

Lunar: How did you start DJing? What kicked it off for you? Was there any particular song where you were just like "Oh, that's my calling. I need to do this..."?

Huda Hudia: DJing for me isn't like it is now, where everybody wants to be a DJ, and kinda do the DJ thing. I was just explaining to them [PJ and Rick, a couple fans gathered nearby; pretty PJ pointed Huda out to me — thanks a bunch, girl], the way I got into it was, I was like 16 years old...

Lunar: How old are you now?

Huda Hudia: 25. I'll be 26 in October. [shouts of support from a fellow Scorp, discussion about cusps...another "Hell yeah!"...then back to the other question] I was big into vinyl on the scene and stuff, and it just so happened that on a Wednesday night, my friends and I — I remember to this day — we were all in there drinking, there were like 20 people in the club, the bartender would go inside the DJ booth — this is like a little shithole place — and my friend Stewart noticed that the bartender was going in the DJ booth to flip the tape. So he asked if we could go to my car and grab my CDs and just play, and fuck around in the booth.

So we go in the booth and we're doing that, the next week, we go back and ask "Can we do this again?" So we did that all that summer (1990). So Stewart and Robert, they went off to college — they were a year older than me in school — so the last year of high school, I was doing this DJ thing on this Wednesday night for free drinks.

Lunar: What a deal!

Huda Hudia: Yeah! I'm like fucking in high school, clubbing, and nobody even understands what the hell I'm doing. So, back then, it wasn't like it is now. For three years, getting paid like, 50 bucks was macking out.

Lunar: How would you describe your style? What do you think about when you're up on the tables?

Huda Hudia: Well, the main thing that I think about is, OK, I've got a group of people in front of me, and the only thing that's going through my mind is I wanna make everybody out there dance. So, I want to make these people dance their ass off. If I'm going to play a minimal set...[thinks about it]...I never have. When I get up there, I just want to bring it on. I like putting my hands in the air, making people put their hands up in the air, making them go off. That's just what I enjoy doing. If I didn't, shit man, I wouldn't be doing this. That's what I'm hooked on. My drug is being up there once, twice, three, four times a week. [slyly] Well, actually, sometimes it's like zero times, but really for me, if I'm up there and it's one party a month, that just goes off and there's 3,000 people in front of you, you're on stage, and the crowds just bumping...and...screaming...and...that energy...that just takes me through that whole next month of DJing. If there's a really bad party, then I remember that one time that I had that last month. And it just keeps me going. It's like a cycle.

Lunar: What's something weird about you that people don't know?

Huda Hudia: Something weird about me that people don't know...hmm...I don't listen to techno music all the time! [Laughs] I have my limits, too.

Lunar: What is some of the stuff you listen to in your downtime? Not listening to techno or breaks or whatever?

Huda Hudia: Man, I tell you, it's really ironic because before '90 I used to listen to all the '80s electro, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Erasure. All the electro '80s-type stuff. It's like I got stuck in this time warp because from 90-91 to present, all I was listening to and doing was just the dance music. So I don't know anything about anything in between all that. So when I go back and listen to CDs, I kinda go back in time and listen to what I was listening to before I got involved with all this stuff.

Lunar: Future projects?

Huda Hudia: As far as future projects, right now it's on release Number 12 for Kaleidoscope Music [his record label]. It's gonna be from me, the title is "Clap To This." Then release Number 13 — these are already planned and everything, up to release Number 17. The labels are already done, they're just waiting to come out.

Lunar: When do you expect them to come out?

Huda Hudia: All of them by the end of the year. Like I said, release Number 12 is "Clap To This," release Number 13 is another track that I did and that's called "Maximum Power."

Lunar: Do you partake in any intoxicants when you're rolling, oops, I mean spinning?

Huda Hudia: No, I don't....I drink Crown and 7UP, and I drink Stoly-O, which is Stoly and cranberry [juice]. That's enough for me. I had my time, my thing with experimenting with stuff, and if I hadn't, I'd probably look different about everything that goes on. I've been there and done that, but as far as for me right now, it's hard if I partake in those activities.

Lunar: Do you have a studio?

Huda Hudia: The studio and the record label are all one (Kaleidoscope Music). It's just DJ Volume and myself, and right now, we're going to be starting a new record label for house music. The name is getting finalized, but it's gonna be the same concept.

Lunar: Do you have a woman back in Tampa or do you just mingle out?

Huda Hudia: Well, I'll tell you, all the guys out there, reading this magazine out there, I don't know, I had a relationship for over four years with one girl. That ended really in '96 — that's one thing that no one really knows about. I was a free agent, and I still am, so I can go to any team I want to, any time I want. But I tell you what though, it is hard. She was with me from the beginning, so she understood everything. Of course, relationships don't work out. Right now, though, it's really difficult because of the schedule. I'm gone Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, I'm on the plane every week, and I've been on plenty of dates in Tampa, but the hard part is the schedule. If you know someone from the beginning, they can compromise and work with you. But when you just meet somebody it's harder because you're only in town Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and you really only got three days to hang out. So the free agent thing is working for me right now.

Lunar: Where do you see the future of your music?

Huda Hudia: There's two different things I see, the DJing and the production. DJing-wise, I see myself becoming that versatile DJ. Playing breaks, playing house, playing progressive house and playing what I call a hard-bag, hard-club. ... The other half is the production. Right now I'm concentrating just on producing breaks, and with the new label, I'm going to be doing house, progressive house, and the hard-club. So really, fulfilling that full-spectrum production-wise, too.

The one release that I'm looking forward to is release Number 17, and that will be Huda Hudia vs. AK1200. It's gonna be good. Look for that by November, December of this year. It's gonna be the last one for the year, the big kick off for next year.

Shouts: Word up out there to DJ Volume, Tony Seline, DJ Hardware, Kaleidoscope Music, PJ, Richie, Lunar Magazine, Rick, and one last special thanks to everyone out there who's especially supported me throughout the years.

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