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  Groove Fest '05
Groove Fest Coverage   |   Interview with Blank & Jones   |   Interview with Jes
Venue: Compound
by Lana 'Kit' Towne
additional photos by Giana

Jes is amazing because she's such a tiny person but she has such huge presence. She comes over to talk to me with a huge smile on her face and I soon felt as if I was talking to a friend.

Lunar: What's the most exciting thing in your life right now?

Parker Jes: Well, I'm extremely excited about my upcoming album Disconnect. I've been working with Steve Sidelnyk and Shawn Spuehler from Madonnna's band. They really helped her out with her album Ray of Light so it's a huge opportunity to get to work with them. Unfortunatly, it has caused my album release to run a little behind because if Madonna calls they go running. [laughing]

Lunar: So when can we expect your album?

Jes: Easter 2006!!!

Lunar: What drew you to electronic dance music?

Jes: When I started to get into dance music, I'm not saying how long ago, there were very few lyrical songs. There were maybe a few songs with a few words but I felt the need to connect with people and I really thought I had that opportunity with dance music.

Lunar: What is your favorite part of touring/performing?

Jes: I love it when someone comes up to me and says that hearing my music had some impact on them, or was playing at some turning point in their life. Just to know that I've touched someone's life through my singing is a huge deal for me.

Lunar: So, you're obviously famous for your work with Motorcycle but I have to tell you, I'm loving the track you have out with Deepsky "Talk Like A Stranger". Who else are you working with or planning on working with in the near future?

Jes: Bless you for bringing that track up: I absolutely love "Talk Like A Stranger" and working with Deepsky was great. I go out and people come up to me and all they ever talk about is "As The Rush Comes" and I'm like yeah it's a great track but I'm doing other things, I've done other things that I think are just as great. I look forward to the chance to do more work with Deepsky, I just finished a track with Tiesto and will be going on tour with him soon.

Lunar: Do you like touring? Is the travel fun?

Jes: I love to travel, I was flying one day recently and I was looking at one of those maps that they have on the airplanes and I just couldn't get over how many places in the US I had never been. It really hit me that day how big the US really is. I'm going so many places Brazil, Germany, Belguim and OKLAHOMA! I mean, what the hell is in Oklahoma?!?! But I love playing those little towns because everyone is soooo excited.

Lunar: Finally, what direction would you like to see the music go in the future?

Jes: I would love to see more vocals of course : Seriously, I want the chance to bring more of my background into it. I grew up in the rock scene in NY and I want to bring some of that rawness to this music.

 from Andain
 from Andain
 from Andain
 from Andain

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Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes
Motorcycle from Track Listing:

  1. Radio Edit
  2. Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix
  3. Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion Remix
  4. Above & Beyond's Dynaglide Remix
  5. Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix
  6. Enhanced Video

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