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  Groove Fest '05
Groove Fest Coverage   |   Interview with Blank & Jones   |   Interview with Jes
Venue: Compound
by Lana 'Kit' Towne
additional photos by Giana

I got the chance to sit down with Blank and Jones for a few minutes before they had to go play. The first thing they did was apologize for being so tired. Apparently they played LA last night, went straight to the airport, flew out of there at 6 a.m. this morning and because of the time change had only enough time to change their shirts before coming to Compound.

Blank & Jones Lunar: So, how is your tour going?

Blank & Jones: It's going really well, very busy, very tiring. We were in LA last night, we're here today and we will be here the rest of the weekend and then we head up to Toronto to play the Govenor's Mansion.

Lunar: How do you guys feel about the direction the music is headed?

Blank & Jones: We're really excited about the fusion of styles that's becoming more prevalent. We think becoming too entrenched in one style is what can bring about the downfall and in order to be moving forward you have to always be on the lookout for the next big thing.

Lunar: What's your favorite thing about playing in America?

Blank & Jones: [laughs] We don't mean this in an insulting way but our favorite thing about America is that it's a few years behind Europe musically. We can play things here that we're really comfortable with that we can't play any longer at home. We love that the raw-ness and the energy is present in the electro sound here because it's still new. There are still mistakes being made, and sometimes it's mistakes that turn out to be the most fortunate tracks.

Lunar: Where is your favorite place to play?

Blank & Jones: That's a hard question!! We love playing Poland, it's such a young country. The general population there is so young and fun. They work really hard but they know how to play really hard as well.

Lunar: Finally, I have to ask, who are you guys favorite artists/producers at the moment?

Blank & Jones: Well, we don't have a lot of time to listen to other dj's unfortunately but we just did a few shows with BT and we really, really like his style. Sasha doesn't always play our style but sometimes everyone needs a little Sasha. As for producers we're really digging Sean Brice's stuff.

Blank & Jones
Blank & Jones



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Blank & Jones - Relax (Edition 2)
Relax (Edition 2) from Disc 1:

  1. Balearic Blue
  2. Closer To Me with Elles
  3. Cruisin'
  4. Revealed with Steve Kilbey
  5. Loneliness with Bobo
  6. Twilight
  7. I Love You with Mike Francis
  8. Lightning
  9. Fallen with Delerium & Rani
  10. City Of Angels
  11. Ocean Tribe
  12. Summer Sun
  13. Someone Like You with Mike Francis
  14. Warm Weather
Disc 2:
  1. Twilight (Chill & Grill Mix)
  2. City Of Angels (Beach House Mix)
  3. Balearic Blue (Sa Trincha Mix)
  4. Don´t U Know
  5. Loneliness (Chill House Mix) with Bobo
  6. Stars Shine Bright (L.A. By Night Mix)
  7. I Love You (Late Night Mix9 with Mike Francis
  8. Feel The Sunshine
  9. Rio Loungin´
  10. Perfect Silence (Dub Session) with Bobo
  11. Mind Of The Wonderful (Acoustic Version) with Elles (exklusiver Bonus-Track)
  12. Revealed (Late Night Dub) with Steve Kilbey (exklusiver Bonus-Track)

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