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  Freaky Flow
by Lei Vishnu

Freaky FlowWith a clothing line endorsement just launched, a top-rated radio show, tour dates around the world and a new CD, World Domination, it seems as though Freaky Flow has the whole world in his hands. His positive attitude can be felt through his hard pounding music with the enlightened words of MC Flipside always taking crowds to the next level. Atlanta is in for a treat when Freaky Flow and MC Flipside come to rinse the crowds proper on October 6th for the 523 Productions party. Freaky Flow took a minute out of his schedule to reminisce with us and let us know all that has changed since his last visit to Atlanta and last interview on Lunar.

Lunar: It was a big deal for you and Flipside to go over to Japan because you were the first duo from Toronto...tell me about the tour in Japan? Did you eat some good food over there? How was the crowd different than in the states?

Freaky Flow: Actually, it's funny that you're asking us this right now! We just returned from our third trip to Japan this past Sunday, and it was just as amazing as the first two visits. MC Flipside and I are always able to hunt down some good food no matter where we are.... As for the crowd, Tokyo was pretty hype, but we also played in Osaka this time around, and their energy level blew us away.

Lunar: What are some of the other interesting places you have played since you were last in Atlanta? Highlights....

Freaky Flow: Really, everywhere is interesting. Wherever we go, the crowd is a little bit different, and that poses a refreshing challenge and helps to keep us on our toes. As for highlights, I can't speak for Flipside, but I've been quite surprised with the intensity and passion for electronic music in some of the smaller cities that we've visited for this "World Domination Tour," where I hadn't expected the scene to be so thriving. Cities like Fargo, ND; Prince George, BC; Ft. Wayne, ID; Topeka, KS; Kamloops, BC; Moncton, NB [and so forth] all blew me away, despite their comparatively small attendance numbers. In these cities, as well as some others that don't come instantly to mind, the highlight factor lies precisely in the pleasant surprise of discovering that people really love drum 'n' bass everywhere.

Another great experience was our recent iDance political rally here in Toronto, which drew over 30,000 people in attendance (or so it is rumored by local news). It was a great way for us, the electronic music community, to express ourselves and fight back against all of the bullshit that the authorities have been trying to feed us amidst their constitutionally unsound and oppressive practices. If anyone else is interested in taking note of where else we travel to, you can check out or for calendar updates every two weeks, amongst other interesting and frequently updated information.

Lunar: You were talking about finishing up school so that you could spend some more time in the studio...did you get that taken care of? By the way, what did you major in? What are you working on in the studio now? Are you working on any collaborations? What inspires you to create new music or it the recognition...the girls *heehee*...the crowd reaction?

Freaky Flow: Well, I'm completely finished with school for now. I concluded my last course in December and I received my degree in June; I'm a film major, a qualification that is certain to take me far in life [sarcasm]. And now that I've finished school, I've been able to have a little bit of breathing room and free time, for a change, and I've had the opportunity to tackle some valuable obstacles: for example, I've been able to secure a great sponsorship deal with a kick-ass Canadian clothing line, and I've been contracted to do three mix CD's for a label that I've always been impressed with (Moonshine Music).

But most importantly, I've finally had some more time to commence studio production again, after nearly a three-year hiatus. I just finished two remixes for the Los Angeles-based band 311, as well as another remix for a Toronto label called Second Generation. I've been asked to do a remix of an upcoming Choclair single, plus I'll be recording a number of my own original pieces in the months to come. Hopefully, I'll have a few completed and ready on dubplate by the time I get to Atlanta.

As for inspiration, my girlfriend Erin is the ultimate inspiration for everything that I do in life nowadays. Another source of inspiration definitely stems from my wide variety of musical interest. Great ideas are always popping into my head when I'm listening to other genres besides drum 'n' bass. The crowd reaction, coupled with an inner desire to spread my art around the world, certainly provides additional motivation as well.

Lunar: You have always been known for combining hip-hop and drum and bass. How has the recent popularity of two-step in the states affected your style? Have you gotten into two-step? Should Atlanta expect to hear a new style from you during your performance October 6th at the 523 Productions party?

Freaky Flow: Honestly, two-step has not caught my attention in any way whatsoever. I don't dislike it or anything, but I don't like it, either. I'm still a hip-hop junkie, so Atlanta can definitely expect to see and feel the same professionalism and musical diversity that MC Flipside and I have been known to provide in our past visits, with a much more polished finish, more energy, and a couple of dozen fresh tracks on dubplate. Plus, we're always pulling out the unexpected to keep junglists on their toes. We are constantly updating our styles to keep up with the times, but the core of what we've always done has never changed.

Lunar: The line-up for the 523 Productions party in the jungle room is chock full of people from Most Wanted. Tell me a little about your affiliation with Most Wanted and your relationship with the other artists. Are you all doing a tour together or is this a one-time collaboration? Do you prefer to play numerous dates with the same group of people? Do you find that the familiarity with other artists helps to increase the energy level of the night? (I just went to Planet of the Drums tour with Dara, Dieselboy and AK1200 tag teaming and it was amazing. After each rotation it was like they tried even harder to out do the person before!)

Freaky Flow: Basically, Most Wanted Entertainment is our booking agency — nothing more, nothing less, and they do a great job of helping to get us booked throughout the continent and beyond with little nonsense. And it's certainly nice to be represented amongst an army of other talented Most Wanted artists, as well. But as for co-artist preferences, I have none; all I need is MC Flipside on the microphone and a jungle-loving crowd. Of course, it's nice if the act before us can raise the energy level, but it's not essential, and that artist having a Most Wanted affiliation is even less important.

Lunar: You rated your 2000 performance here in Atlanta as one of the best of the year because of the crowd. What is it about Atlanta that you guys liked? How can we ATLiens make this year's performance the best for you?

Freaky Flow: Specifically, I was extremely impressed with the way the crowd responded vocally not only when MC Flipside called to them, but also when he didn't! It's so rare and motivating to see a crowd scream out without having been prompted by the MC. It's as if the audience is so excited that even we can't control their positive energy. If Atlanta makes even half as much noise as they did last time, they will have impressed us again, but if they want to outdo themselves, it's simply going to take more noise! We're going to have to wake up some Floridians!!!

Lunar: Anything else you want to tell us to prepare us for October 6th?

Freaky Flow: As I said earlier, you can expect musical diversity (a wide range of different styles of drum 'n' bass), a definite increase in our level of energy, tons of new tunes, and a handful of surprises. So be sure to bring your lighters, glowsticks, whistles, and horns, because we're challenging all of you to outdo the noise you made last time, and it will be our pleasure to aid you in reaching that level!


World Domination cover art World Domination
Mixed by Freaky Flow
Record Label:
Track Listing:

  1. Intro - MC Flipside
  2. Beatro - Freaky Flow
  3. Party (Syndicate Mix) - Nelly Furtado
  4. Eighties - Kingsize
  5. Wake Up (Peshay Remix) - A-Sides
  6. Dreaming - A-Sides
  7. Arsonist - Urban Shakedown
  8. Disarmed - Illfingaz
  9. Secret Weapon - Dazzle T & Quicky
  10. Killa (Vinyl Syndicate Remix) - Flux & Rinse
  11. Happy Hour - Jonnie Newman
  12. Pimpin' Ain't Easy - GFS
  13. Cowboys - Kingsize
  14. Separation - Jo-S
  15. Jeckle & Hyde - GFS
  16. Brothers In Detroit - Omni Trio
  17. Outro/Made In 2 Minutes (Origin Unknown Remix) - MC Flipside/Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam
  18. Skimpy's - MC Effort & Crew

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