DJ Hyper
by Karlyn

Bedrock Breaks from It was hot as hell in the bright midday sun as I ducked inside The Hotel on South Beach to meet up with one of breakbeat's pioneering DJs, Hyper. Guy Hatfield (Hyper's given name) wasn't too stoked about the heat either (an unfortunate side effect of hailing from the UK), so we took a moment to collect ourselves and exchange pleasantries while sipping on our ice chilled drinks.

Hyper is no newbie to the music scene. Deciding that a life of manufacturing sheds was not for him, Hatfield's been spinning since the early 90's, has his own club promotion company, Waxworks, and has broken new ground with his Kilowatt label. His Y3K series garnered the attention of the magazines Mixmag, Ministry, and Muzik for it's ability to defy traditional breakbeat borders. Holding his own at the monthly Bedrock night at Heaven, Hyper's schedule is filled with tour dates as well. He's currently touring to promote Bedrock Breaks Fractured, a double mixed album that keeps with Guy's goal of keeping the beats "fun and danceable."

When asked how his extensive touring have impacted is ability to watch the "footy" (read: soccer), he said that it didn't matter much. Being a Lincoln City fan, he can pretty much rest assured they will lose their matches. Guy has taken to a different sport, namely baseball. "It's similar to cricket-not as violent though." Hyper now considers himself a Toronto Blue Jays fan.

It seems most breakbeat DJs of late are quick to label their sound "nu-skool." I asked for Hyper's take on the sound / genre. Rather than share in the enthusiasm, he hates the sound. "To me, nu-skool breaks has been more of a hindrance to the development of the sound, really." He considers the sound to be "dark" and "not very danceable." He is quick to point out that everyone has his or her own taste, but nu-skool is not on his dish.

DJ Hyper press photo Recently, it seems that everyone on the scene has been saying that "house is dead," and that raves are a thing of the past. Guy disagrees with this take. "I don't think house is dying, I don't think house will ever die. I don't think house will ever go away, ever. It's actually more accessible to more people. This is really more of a backlash, and it happens to every form of music." As for the trend in America of clubs being shut down, and anti-rave bills, DJ Hyper thinks it's just terrible. "One of my favorite clubs in the world, Buzz in Washington D.C., has been screwed by, allegedly, by people selling drugs, or whatever. Basically, they've made an example of them, and have ruined 2,000 people's weekly night out."

What about when Guy Hatfield decides to put down his needle, and just wants to enjoy a night out? What does he listen to? "I don't, really. I have to go out pretty much every weekend. If I'm not working, I'd rather go to a bar or something like that, where you don't have to shout at people just to speak." He does have some favorite clubs, however. "There's Spundae, and there are just tons of cool clubs in Toronto and in the States."

Hatfield plays out all over the world. I decided to ask him if he has to really change his sets when playing different areas. "Not really. The way I look at it, people are paying me to play what I do. And if I'm gonna come out, and play all the same records every other DJ is going to play in that area, then what am I doing? Why are they paying me, you know? You've got to read a crowd, obviously. It's more you tailor your set to a crowd, rather then state to state. I mean, in Florida, they like it funky, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll play it funky in Florida. Lots of Kilowatt records, wherever I play."

How does it differ, running a label, rather than just being a DJ? "Kilowatt's good because I have people who do the day to day running of the company, and I can just go out and find new records, you know? So it's really more of an A&R basis, rather than running the label."

Tell us somebody no one really knows of yet, that you think will be hitting it big. "Stir Fry and PMT. Stir Fry engineered a lot of Sasha's early stuff; he did a lot of stuff with BT as well. He also engineered bits for Oakenfold as well. He's just a talent, you know? PMT, I just love his music. His album will be finished soon-if he gets his ass into gear, because he's a slouch. That's his nickname, 'Slouch.' Both artists are featured on Bedrock's Fractured."

Do you prefer playing raves, or clubs? "Oh, that depends. There's a lot to be said for both, you know? Sometimes it's really nice to be surrounded by a crowd of 200 people just going mental. Other times, there is something to be said for having 6,000 people just going crazy! So it's different."

What about the power that he wields over the crowd when he's spinning? Does that make DJ Hyper feel good when you can decide what direction you're going to take them each night? "It makes me feel good if they like what I'm playing. If they think my taste is good enough that they want to dance to it. It's not about controlling people. It's about entertaining them."

We talked for a bit about out favorite tracks of all time. We agreed that 2 Bad Mice's "Bombscare," and DJ Scott Project's "Frenchkiss," were phenomenal. As for new tracks, Spork's "Freeek Like Me," topped the list.

Now for the part where we can really see into Guy Hatfield's psyche. What type of dog would he be? "I'm not into dogs at all." Ok, what about cats? "I'd be a lazy cat! Cats are lazy anyway, aren't they? Cats are very lazy, selfish creatures."

What about the girls in Miami? There was certainly a ton of eye candy. "There's a lot of fake [girls]. But you're right, there's definitely a lot of eye candy." Next question: fake or real, what's better? "Real, for sure." Even if they're not as big? "Oh, for sure, yeah!"

Be on the lookout for fresh Hyper releases, including his first solo release, "Catnip" on Acetate Records, which has already shown itself to be a heavy-hitter among DJ sets. And don't forget about emerging artists you'll listen to first on Guy Hatfield's Kilowatt label.


Fractured - DJ Hyper
Fractured from Track Listing:

  1. Sunshine - Momu
  2. Head Donw - Terminalhead
  3. Let Yourself Go - Kemek The Dope Computer
  4. Freeek Like Me - Spork
  5. Who Da Fuck False Prophet Remix - Semi Detached
  6. Freestyle Flow - Stir Fry
  7. Cusp - Meat Katie And Christian J
  8. Cous Cous Royale Mix - Uberzone And Rennie Pilgrem
  9. Starry Eyes Suprise (Stir Fry Vocal) - Oakenfold
  10. Catnip - Hyper
  11. Insinuendo (Principlied Dub Mix) - PMT
  12. Der Schieber Funkin' For Hope In New York Mix - Timo Maas
  13. Beautiful Day - Proper Filthy Naughty Featuring Jo Morgan
  14. Close Yer Eyez - Dan F
  15. Acid Punch Shock Proof Remix - Soul Of Man
  16. Sunshine Electro Dub Remix By WestBam - Dr. Motte And West
  17. Rollin' And Controllin' - Silencer
  18. You Will Be Under - General Midi
  19. Poolswinger - Stisch
  20. Music Takes Tou BLIM Remix - Blame
  21. Slapper - Hyper
  22. Music Evil 9 Punk Rocks Remix - Ils
  23. Fatliners Featuring Spee - Flying

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