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  Chris Lum

Recently Jonathan Edwards ,co-owner of Twijit Recordings, caught up with San Francisco based House producer and co-owner of Moulton studios Chris Lum to discuss his recent Grammy nomination, remote controls, and .....temperamental studio monkeys.

Lunar: So how's life been treating you..and oh yeah how's it feel to be a Grammy nominee?

Chris: Life's been cool. Busy, exciting and stressful all at the same time. I'm approaching an interesting time in my 30's right now.

Lunar: What's the back story on that nomination for the Jill Scott remix you and Jay-J did. It was after all a bootleg mix right?

Chris: Yes, we did the mix. It was some other dickheads that booted the record. Good to see us get the recognition for the mix with the Grammy. So yeah, we did the mix and somehow, one of the cd's got out and next thing you's everywhere. Now that I'm not so pissed off anymore, I can see the good in it. I'm glad people liked what we did and I'm honored to be nominated for a Grammy.

Lunar: To follow up on the Grammy stuff.... is there a height requirement to be a Grammy nominee? You have to be at least as tall as the trophy. So I just made it.

Lunar: What equipment are you currently beating the hell out of?

Chris: The remote for my satellite dish is giving me fits lately.

Lunar: How do you like to work? Do you start with a beat usually or do you have a team of monkeys working around the clock?

Chris: Funny you mention the monkeys. I usually have them start on the beats...and work out the basslines...Problem now is that the monkies want credit for the work they do. I guess the banana payments are not enough. We reached a compromise last year and gave them the marquee on a transport record. The Funky Monkeys it's called.

Lunar: Do you feel you may have been pigeonholed as a producer with the success of some of your harder more dance floor friendly material..and on that note do you feel like deep house may not be the force it was a year or two ago?

Chris: Well, yes I do, but to be quite honest, I've done it to myself. At the end of the day, I'm trying to keep this going as long as possible. I need to make money to do that. At least at the level to which I've been. So, when offers for projects come in...they all want that sound. That harder thing. In order to get records signed and paid for...I do it. I'd love to do deeper stuff but...It's just not bought. Oh...and please tell me when Deep House was a force? Not that I've seen. Naked Music aside that is.

Lunar: How would you rate the current San Francisco scene and how it compares with other cities? Are there any cities in particular that have really caught your attention lately?

Chris: We have a pretty decent scene here I suppose. Although, I'm not the best judge as I do not get gigs here. Rarely. I'm lucky to get something once every two months. Wow, that sounds bitter. Sorry. Really though, what better way to judge a dance floor and music then to play on one. But at the end of the day, I don't think that anyone can say that San Frans scene is better than anywhere else. in fact, most places I go are the same. just cultural differences. The sad reality is...around the world, house, proper house is a minority. period.

Lunar: Do you have plans to do a whole album of your own at any point? Would you get into more intricate songwriting or have you and Jay-J finally gotten serious about that underground nail salon?

Chris: I'd love to do an album...You know anyone that want's one from me? I'd like to get into songwriting...period. I can write, I just don't. Don't know why? This interview is starting to sound like therapy.

Lunar: When and where was your all time favorite gig.. and why? Chris>Oh man, don't mean to cop out but there have been many (I'm lucky) Southport Soul Weekender (both times) Every time at Devotion (End Up in SF), Pacha in the canary islands, all the time in Mallorca, our party at WMC last year, first big party I played at for Doc Martin (1992)

Lunar: Current favorite club to drop some wax?

Chris: Devotion at the End Up in San Fran

Lunar: Current top 5?

Chris: Monkie, my wife and the child that is growing inside her belly, getting healthy, help from Olivier at work, and R&B. hey man, you didn't specify what! :P

Lunar: All time top 5?

Chris: Lakers, love, ice cream, music and humility.

Lunar: So what do you have coming up?

Chris: Hey everybody, fat new EP from Lum on Twijit Recordings...Funky beats (as usual), thick bass and nice vocals. Go buy it.

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