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  Local Artist Profile | Kemit

by Brett Abramson

The words 'Atlanta', 'house music', and 'Kemit' all go hand in hand. Kemit has been an integral part of the scene for many years now. Those who are unaware of his talent and dedication should take note. With numerous productions under his belt (and even more in the works), along with a hectic DJing schedule, this Atlanta legend's status continues to rise.

DJ Name - DJ Kemit
Real Name - Kevin Hyman

Years DJing/Producing - DJing since 1981 producing since 1984

Affiliations - 1994 Grammy nominated producer (Arrested Development)

What projects you have in the works - Divine Recordings "I Need You" 001 & "We Need Love" 003; Diaspora Recordings DIA 011 "Minstrel Speak" Rich Medina vs. KemeticJust; SoCo Audio "The Evoluded E.P. " KemeticJust; Central Park Records "Cameil" DJ Kemit Remixes; Future projects include works with DJ Rich Medina, Osunlade, KemeticJust LP and a DJ Kemit LP

Residencies - Shakara every 3rd Friday at MJQ, Maneuvers at Apache Cafe every Saturday 1am to 4am; Club Haze every Saturday night 9:30pm to 12am; Funk Jazz Kafe quarterly in ATL.

Styles - Deep and soulful house, Dance classics, Hip Hop, Soul (New and Classics), DanceHall, etc...

How you became involved with Arrested Development and your thoughts on that time in your career - The head figure of AD (Speech aka Todd Thomas) and I grew up together in Milwaukee and we started at Hip Hop group and a record label (distibuted by Juan Atkins) at the age of 15. After high school we both went to college in seperate cities (Speech in ATL and myself in Washington, D.C.). Upon finishing my undergraduate studies I initially was the production manager for AD's world tour (1993-1994) then I became a member of AD.

Influences - Run DMC, Trecherous Three, UTFO, The Chicago house scene (1983-1988) ie. Hot Mix Five; Frankie Knuckles, Fingers Inc., Gene Pharris, Lil Louis, The Milwaukee B-Boys (DJ Doctor B, Scratch Master D) and so on.

Upcoming Gigs/Releases - See above

Contact Info -

Online Sets -

Mixes Available - CD's available at Ear Wax records located @ 11th and P'Tree downtown ATL.

Tracks Produced - KemeticJust releases (DJ Kemit & DJ Justin aka Just One)
THE MAIDEN E.P. Silver Network 1999
THE SECOND GIFT Silver Network 2000
FOR YOUR LOVE REVISTED Silver Network 2001

WISHIN/30 YEARS AT SEA King Street/Nite Grooves 2000
ATLANTA KNIGHTS/THE ESSENCE King Street/Nite Grooves 2000
WISHIN RMX on MIX THE VIBE by R. Trent King Street/Nite Grooves 2000
ABSTRACT JAZZ LOUNGE King Street/Nite Grooves 2000

SEE THE LIGHT Bombay/Wave 2001


RMX/ SEEK "THE STORY OF US" Giant Step 2001

XPAND YOUR MIND/ANANDA PROJECT King Street/ Nite Grooves 2000
XPAND YOUR RMX/RMX BY KING BRITT King Street/Nite Grooves 2001


TIMELESS E.P. Soco Audio 2002
*CAMIEL "Sunset" Remixes Kemit Central Park 2002
MINSTREL SPEAK KemeticJust vs. Rich Medina Dispora Recordings 2002
*COOLY'S HOT BOX "Wasted Time" LP mix Kemit Prupose Records 2002
*DJ Kemit "I Need You" Divine Recordings DVN001 November 2002
*DJ Kemit "We Need Love" Divine Recordings DVN002 December 2002
*Denotes these are selections produced solely by DJ Kemit

Thoughts on the Atlanta Scene - Still somewhat segregated but growing. As the population in the city increase so will its diversity and the minds and habits of Atlanteans will expands and accept a broader scope of music and cultures.

Favorite Gig Ever - Club Yello in Tokyo Japan (November 2000) and The Festival of Love outside of Prague in the Czech Republics just this past summer 2002 and anytime I get to play at Robert Johnsons in Frankfurt Germany.

Strangest Request From Someone While Playing - "Can you play something that is danceable?" And for that matter, really almost all request are strange!!!

Place of Work Outside of DJing - My Records label (Divine Recordings), Production Company (Kemit Muzik, Inc. / KemeticJust Productions) and my studio (Kemit Audio Labs).

Something We May Not Know About You - A graduate of Howard University, Washington, D.C.; BA in Communication/Public Relations minor in business management. A home body. A spiritually motivated being.

What Music Means to You - Music is the element in life that spreads love and keeps the earth spinning up-right on its axis.

Advice for Other DJs/Producers - As much as we love music it has become and industry. 5% music 95% business. You will get out of it as much as you put into it. And anything that comes easy cannot be greatly appreciated.

Current Top 5 Chart -
  1. Blaze Spiritually Speaking Slip n Slide
  2. DJ Kemit "I Need You" Divine Recordings
  3. Jamaica Underground "Love Existing" Blaze mixes Wave Music
  4. Alexander Robotnik "Problems D' Amour WEA
  5. Fela Kuti "Water No Get Enemy" Kalakuta Records
5 Favorite Tracks of All Time -
  1. Stevie Wonder "All I Do"
  2. Fingers Inc. "Bring Down the Walls"
  3. Kenny Bobien "Father" Frankie Feliciano Remix
  4. RUN DMC "Beats to the Rhyme"
  5. Pete Rock & CL Smooth "T.R.O.Y"
  6. Aretha Franklin "Rock Steady"
  7. Funk Fusion Band "Can You Feel It"

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