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  Local Artist Profile | Brett Long

For anyone who knows anything about top Atlanta DJs, Brett Long will be one of the first names that comes to mind. No matter what your musical preference may be, Brett's name is synonymous with talent and dedication. After 14 years behind the decks, his passion for the music is stronger than ever, whether it be during one of his marathon late night sets at Backstreet or at an intimate evening at Lava.

Brett LongDJ Name - Brett Long

Real Name - Brett Long

Years DJing/Producing - 14yrs DJing and beginning production

Affiliations - Metrouble Recordings, Satellite Records, Lava, Riviera, Backstreet

Residencies - First Fridays @ Lava, first Saturday of each month @ Riviera, every Thursday @ Backstreet + a Fri/Sat weekend rotation @ Backstreet

Styles - As many as possible... I like to push limits

Influences - Danny Tenaglia, David Padilla, Dave Cannalte, Tomas Arias, HRH, Stuart Gardner

Future Plans For Your Label, Metrouble Recordings - We are awaiting shipment of our first release, "First Reunion" by Ralphi Rosario & Martin Fry. The single should be in stores by late Nov/early Dec. We are very excited about the exposure it has received so far, being included on Trendroid's Transport 6. Right now, we're considering material for future releases, and plan to continue releasing quality music that will keep people excited & wanting more...

How You Got Into Dance Music/DJing - I started by going to the clubs on the weekends. I had never heard music mixed seamlessly together before. I bought a couple of 'mixed tapes' from the DJ (yes, cassettes). I was very intrigued by the idea of 'no commercials/no breaks/no voice overs'. Then I went on a few trips to NYC, a few trips to Miami, went to some now-legendary clubs, and heard some really good DJs. Night-clubbing took on a new meaning for me. It was the pursuit of music that one could only hear played in the clubs.

What Music Means To You - "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful." -Plato

Upcoming Gigs - Every Thursday @ Backstreet, Thanksgiving Weekend @ Backstreet (Fri/Sat begin @ 5am), First Friday Dec 5 @ Lava, Dec 6 @ Riviera, Dec 13/14 @ Backstreet, New Year's Day 7am-noon @ Backstreet

Contact Info -

Mixes Available - There are a lot floating around -- from old Liquid Groove days to present. I have most sets from Backstreet on DAT. I don't really keep up with it like I should. I make some, put them out, and then move on to the next batch.

Thoughts on the Atlanta Scene - There is lots of room to grow. It's full of potential. It's very alive and kicking. I like the changes I've seen in the last 8 years -- lots more interest in dance music and a growing number of people producing music. More people + more passion = winning combination. I look forward to what will be happening in the next few years...

What's Good/Bad About the Dance Music Industry Right Now - Bad: the economy has hit the industry hard. Good: there are still people/artists who are passionate about music & putting out some really good music. As a whole the industry is suffering, but the music is not.

Favorite Gig Ever - Has not yet happened

Strangest Request From Someone While Playing - I'd rather not answer this.... ; )

Place of Work Outside of DJing - Satellite Records.

Something We May Not Know About You - Delivered newspapers

Advice for Other DJs/Producers - Love what you do, do what you love. You have to believe in what you're doing before anyone else will. Keep on keepin' on. Cliche, but true.

Current Top 5 Chart - [in no particular order]

  • "U think... Love Can Save U?" - Lamonde
  • "Sunshine" - Tomaz vs. Filterheadz
  • "Alliance" - Neruda
  • "SpaceJunk2" - SpaceJunk
  • "Perfect Motion (DNS cocktail/Starchaser/Way Out West)" - Sunscreem
5 Favorite Tracks of All Time - There's really no way to list my favorites. There are far too many... here are a few:
  • "Where Love Lives" - Alison Limerick
  • "This Time Baby" - Jackie Moore
  • "Dark & Long" - Underworld
  • "Bottom Heavy" - Danny Tenaglia
  • "Slave to the Rhythm" - Grace Jones

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