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  Local Artist Profile | SX-01
Photos by Lauri Turner

With this local artist profile, we focus on a producer who has been stealthily turning out quality tracks for many years now. SX-01's originality and dedication to the music are unquestionable. His live sets are entrancing and unforgettable. Watch out for this guy—yet another incredible local talent about to make a mark on the international scene.

Frank Pieras aka Sextron-01Artist Name - SX-01, Sextron-01

Real Name - Francisco Pieras

Years Producing - 6

Affiliations - Low Technique, MAFDDAP.

How Low Technique Got Started- I started LT with the help of my brother, Marcos Pieras, who runs the tech-house label, Soco Audio, with Micheal Scott. Another good friend of mine, Micheal T. Pierce, helped with some of the concepts as well. We realized we had good enough material to release ourselves and get international distribution. Our first few releases have received support from DJs like Satoshi Tomiie, Blue Amazon, Chab and Saeed & Palash.

Future Label Plans - The first two SX-01 releases on Low Technique featured all Atlanta artists such as G. Carbonell, D.Scott Moskos (Darkdriver) & Brad Harper (Redshift). We plan on continuing to work with Atl. based producers and release qood-quality dance music to the world.

Styles - Progressive House, Tribal Techno, Breaks/Electro

Influences - Life, science, and technology. New wave, industrial, freestyle, and house music.

Studio Equipment - Cubase, Yamaha Cs2x Synth, Korg Prophecy Synth, Akai s-20 sampler, Roland MDC-1, Novation A-station, & a Yamaha digital mixing board.

Ever thought of DJing? - Yes, but producing and live sets are my main focus right now. DJing can be a good way to learn about making DJ friendly, dance-floor tracks. That's why it is good to do both. For that reason I go out often to hear other DJs play.

Upcoming Gigs - LT "Synthetic System" record release party, Iris Promotions, OuterLimits.

Contact Info -, 678.220.2670 or

Frank Pieras aka Sextron-01 Online Music - available soon at

12" Releases

  • "Activity"
  • "Science Machine"
  • "Section-Q"
  • "Synthetic System" - due for release summer 2002
  • "V-mode" & "Strange Reaction" - Upcoming, which are more on the electro-breaks tip.

Thoughts on the Atlanta Scene - Atlanta has a really nice scene. Some people get spoiled, but it's great some of the names that come through. It seems more club-oriented now, which is cool. Raves help a lot of people get into dance music though, so I hope they are always around. There are quite a few talented DJs & producers that Atlanta has to offer in all styles as well. With the quality production that is starting to come out more often, and Atlanta based labels working with some pretty big international names…things look good.

Favorite Gig Ever - Fidelity Flip "Circus of the Moon" June 1999 w/ Union Jack & Art of Trance live, Sandra Collins and Vinylboy/Mirage February 2000 w/ Christopher Lawrence.

Something We May Not Know About You - I am originally from Puerto Rico.

Advice for Other Producers - It is very important to have your own sound. Being open minded about music also helps. Get feedback from good friends, they are usually honest. Learn your gear and be creative.

5 All Time Favorite Tracks -

  • The KLF - "What Time Is Love"
  • Front 242 - "Rhythm of Time"
  • Age of Love - "Age of Love"
  • Depeche Mode - Violator
  • New Order - Substance
  • 808 State - "Southern Cross" (that's 6!)

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